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About Marionette H-Gameworks

What is Marionette H-Gameworks?
It`s an Independent Adult (Hentai) Game Developer founded by Marionette in 2013.

Our main objective is to create a fun and classy erotic games in every possible platform.

It`s still a one man show for now with a couple of help from contributor who working remotely around the world.

Reason I need your support

Adult computer games is heavily depends on their loyal fan base, as making and selling an adult game is very challenging.

PayPal won`t accept transaction if it`s adult related material, the cut from a third party seller usually quite big than usual and some people perception that H-Games belong as a freeware making it easily to be pirated.It really depends on their fan to buy the game.

I really wanted to make H-Games, i wanted to spend more time working on my game and show it to the world.

I never beg for free money to anyone,leave alone trying to scam anyone.So if you think we got potential and worth your support , please do support as you see fit. Even if it just telling your friend about us, leaving a comment on our blog or just follow us is very much appreciated.

Let`s make H-Games together!

On-going H-Games Projects

There is 2 main and 1 side project in my list now but I only have 2 hours of spare time everyday after work(less if i have to do some overtime) including Saturday and Sunday to work on the game.

Over the past years I mainly use Construct Classic to make my games so it`s limited to PC User only, but i finally bought a Construct 2 license not a while ago and i can make sure there will be a port or another HTML5 based adult games later in the future.

If you want to check out our development progress, you can also go to Marionette H-Gameworks DevBlog

A 2D erotic Space trading game, where you can create your avatar to explore space,trade goods, battling space pirates while unfolding various erotic event. It still an early phase of development.

Your job is to train an elven slave to be a sex gladiatrix (gladiator)to compete in the Arena to entertain the audience of a demon races. In this Arena your slave will be battling against another slave, where the first one to cum is the loser.You will equipped your slave with better clothing to protect her private parts from the gold you acquired, either from the Arena or you can rent out your slave to the brothel house.

The time limit is 3 Years to make your slave the best sex Gladiatrix ever, which will serve the Demon King and making you the best renowned Slavemancer in the Demon Realms.

Mini H-Games
I always try to prototype any game idea that i had using a reused sprite from previous game just to see if the game mechanic is good enough, several of them i try to show it on the blog.Here`s is some of them :


Valentina Download

It`s  a simple interactive fellatio mini game featuring a character called Valentina.

An abandon groping game prototype based on my Japanese friend idea.

So there it is! a brief description for what i`m trying to achieve and  I just want to say thank you so much to come and visit Marionette H-Gameworks Patreon page!

I hope you like what you see!

$2.72 of $250 per month
I already bought the domain name but having a dedicated server is really a huge boost, as i can host my own game download link and future plan HTML5 based h-games.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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