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I've decided to add an extra tier, by popular demand, for those who want to make a contribution. I took the previous basic tier and renamed it Second Skins. I think it makes more sense to name this tier We Are All Chameleons. Patreon doesn't allow one time donations, so I have added this tier so that everyone can feel included. Since I'm axing my Facebook profile and will only have a fan page there, plus my other social media, I thought this tier would be good for those who want to be able to contact me personally. Just joining at the basic tier will allow you to send me private messages and every contribution is appreciated. This is what is making it possible for me to continue doing this so thank you all so much for your support!

Second Skins
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This is the basic Tier, where you will be able to view my personal blog. It will be a mix of personal stuff and music updates, photos and insights I will not be posting publicly. Also included is direct messaging to me personally. I get hundreds of messages a day on Facebook and I just can't keep up with them, so I'm including this in the lowest tier so people can still contact me once I move away from Facebook.

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This second tier I'm giving access to my vlog, where I'm going to post my adventures around the globe. It's mostly going to be my travels, but could also be on other stuff I'm into, like games or ufos. You never know really! I'll also be putting everyones names in the ending credits of each blog post, as a thank you to supporting me. In addition, I will be holding a question and answer session once a month. Supporters of this tier will submit their questions beforehand and I'll make a video answering them for you. You can ask me anything, but I reserve the right to omit questions if they get too personal. 

Finally, I will be including behind the scenes videos and also livestreams of shows and rehearsals. I know the livestreams have been pretty popular on facebook up until now, but we aren't going to be able to continue doing that for the general public. If you would like to see the live streams of shows when we are on tour, this tier gives you access. As always, you get everything in the tiers below this one.



About Mark Burgess

Hi, I'm Mark Burgess, lead vocalist and bassist from The Chameleons (UK), currently ChameleonsVox based in the UK. I've been performing and recording music for most of my life. In fact over the last 18 months I toured more widely then ever before playing shows across the United States, China, Australia and practically every country across Europe. Everywhere I go I'm passionately encouraged to continue making music and to continue touring. However for most of my career I've been staunchly independent and this puts a tremendous strain on my resources. Now with the advent of Brexit and other fiscal complications it's getting to the point where I can only continue and bring new projects to fruition with the direct help of the fanbase, hence this Patreon site. Future plans include further worldwide performances with ChameleonsVox, including a joint tour this year with Kirk Brandon's Theatre of Hate; A new Mark Burgess record that I've been compiling new song ideas and arrangements for along with solo performances of some of that material and additional material from other side projects, including The Sun And The Moon, The Sons of God, Invincible etc; and a sequel to my first book 'View From A Hill' that came out some years back. However these plans can only come to fruition with your direct support. I've gone as far as I can go by myself, I need the help of the people who are genuinely moved by the music I've made and would wish to see it continue. Thanks for reading this, and for supporting my work by way of the records, concert tickets and tour merchandise over the years and I hope to see you somewhere down the road. Peace.
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I thought it might be cool to add at least one goal. If we had just 100 patrons I think we could make something really great. I haven't yet thought of what the goal could lead to, but I'll think of something really special to do for you all if we get there. In the meantime I'm working on making sure I keep up with everything. It really helps when there is participation in the community, seeing people talking and commenting really motivates me and I love to read your messages. Thank you all for being a part of this.
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