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The liberal media industrial complex has unlimited funding and their operatives are poisoning our culture on a daily basis.  For over 10 years Mark Dice has been fearlessly exposing the social justice warrior foot soldiers and the billionaire puppet masters who pull the strings from behind the scenes.  

Due to the mainstream media's war on independent and alternative media, the constant struggle against censorship on YouTube, and the recent mass-demonetization of news channels and hundreds of major advertisers suspending advertising on YouTube due to their ads appearing on "non advertiser friendly" content, Mark needs your help to enable him to continue producing quality videos and reach more people with his message.  Your help through Patreon is needed, and very much appreciated.  

Let Mark be your voice as he stands tall and speaks truth to power, but he can't do it without you having his back and helping to fund the mission!  Click the orange "Become a Patron" button in the upper right hand side of the screen to help.  
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The mainstream media has declared war on independent and alternative media outlets like me, and have named me personally as one of their prime targets.  The New York Times has labeled me "Fake News" and the defamatory smears continue as they're trying to shut me down.  It's time to take things to the next level and upgrade some of my equipment and software to increase the quality of my reports.

With people stealing my videos by uploading them to their Facebook page instead of sharing my original YouTube url, it siphons views away from my channel, and YouTube repeatedly demonetizes videos for what they say is "unfriendly content," so I need your help to keep going and growing so I can continue to bring you the quality and enlightening videos you love to watch!!  I really appreciate your help and having my back guys!  Let's Make America Great Again, and pound the final nails in the coffin of the mainstream media! 
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