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Seriously, thank you so much for supporting myself and the artists I work with. You'll be able to check out my creative blog on here.

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I'm Mark and I create comics! Well, I do the writing part at least, and I leave the rest up to more qualified professionals. One of the cool things about being a completely independent comics creator is that you're also a publisher, project manager, and the primary funder.

I love co-creating comics. I wouldn't be involved in them if I didn't, but it can be expensive. In the time that I've been doing this, I've never made any money on a project. Even with the sales I've made, I'm still very much in the red due to production, printing, and travel costs.

And that's okay! That's the reality of what I do. And that's also why I've decided to start this Patreon. I don't have any delusions about this Patreon being a huge money maker, so my goals are modest: I think it'd be really cool if the support of people who like my work would pay for the artists I work with and I to buy ourselves a nice lunch every now and then.

This Patreon runs on a per creation basis because, frankly, monthly would feel like taking advantage of kindness considering how slow the output of a comics writer can be at this point in a career. First you have to write a script, find a collaborator, save up the money to compensate them, and then your collaborator has to do all the long, labor-intensive work inbetween all their other projects! So if you pledge to this Patreon, you'll only be charged when I have new work to show you. I may also re-release some older work with new material.

This page will primarily be for shorter work and serve as a kind of pre-ordering system for both digital and print copies. All payouts for each project posted here will be split (either 50/50 or at a negotiated split) between myself and the artist I have collaborated with on the comic. I will also use this page to keep people up to date on the work being done on all my various comics projects (both short and long-form). You can also expect me to use this page as a means of polling people as to what projects they'd like to see me pursue.

This page is a work in progress so expect to see some changes while I get the hang of things!
$9 of $25 per creation
I'll share scripts from some of my older comics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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