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I'll make a point of thanking you by name in the Graphic Novel supporter's pages when they go to press!

If you have any notes to add, (paper tweets?), I'd be happy to include those.  I'll post a general announcement when the time comes...

Thank-you for your support!

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A Friend of Jenny.
The previous perk, plus...

  • Membership in the "Friends of Jenny" society.  A signed thank-you post card with a head sketch doodle, and certification of membership.  (Being a Friend of Jenny is nothing to sneeze at!  She's a Time Ninja, after all!)
  • Studio Pass; Basically, a friend of Mark. -I'm not a time-traveling ninja, but it grants access to the patrons-only section here on Patreon where I post high-resolution versions of pages and strips, answer questions and share sketches and WIP materials other folks don't ever see.  This also grants access to unique projects, posters, tee-shirts, and puts you in the loop with commission bids, avatar illustrations and other fun stuff!

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You're getting serious about this.  Okay.  You'll need reference materials...

The above benefits PLUS...
  • Free downloads of the Digital Editions of Stardrop volumes 1 and 2. (.pdf)
  • A free, signed copy of a Stardrop graphic novel OR the Jenny Mysterious graphic novel.  You can pick one of the existing Stardrop books, or get on the list for a free copy of the Jenny Mysterious Graphic Novel when it goes to press!




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About Mark Oakley

     Jenny Mysterious  is...

The KUNG-FU  "X-Files"!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
meets"Groundhog Day"
"Doctor Who"
in high school!

All of the above! More. Different. Armed. Usually late. Don't stand in her way. Also, don't be an alien invader or a monster type. And maybe think twice before asking her to the dance...

No. Scratch that. Ask her.

Jenny Mysterious is also a Time Travel story. 
1985 is Jenny's personal chrono-ground zero. (I have folders full of both digital and paper images from the hairspray decade. I spent the better part of this decade researching that one!)

It is finally time to start publishing this long-promised comics series! 
I'm going to start posting new pages every week, and I'm asking for help.  With Patron support, I'll get that ball rolling.., and keep it rolling!  This isn't Kickstarter.  This is something new.  This is what serious cartoonists actually need to work each day!

"But hold on...  You said two comic series.  What's up with that?"

Glad you asked!

As it happens, I made another video.  It's more informal; a behind-the-scenes video to answer all your questions...

Watch to find out...

  • Who is Mark Oakley?
  • What are these comics about?
  • So...  You're really making MORE than one comic series? (Yes! Two comics, One universe!)
  • You're posting them both for FREE?  (Kids are important! I don't just draw for us grown ups with the power of money.)
  • How can I help support this labor-intensive creative endeavor?  (Monthly auto-contribution.  And simply by reading!)

If you want to check out Stardrop and Jenny Mysterious, just head on over to my website.  There are lots of comics posted there, all free to read!

What benefits do you get when you become a patron?  Aside from my eternal gratitude, there's a bunch of great perks, including books and posters and other neat stuff!  (Please note; the perks below are just suggestions.  You can contribute any amount you feel comfortable with, from a single dollar to as much as you'd like!)


$478.65 of $500 per month
Hey! I can turn the heat on this Winter! (But probably won't. Every dollar saved is one step closer to graphic novels!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 222 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 222 exclusive posts

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