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About Marley Peifer

I believe that journaling is the most powerful tool for learning, skill acquisition, and self-improvement. Through words and images, the pages of a journal can help us learn more about the natural world, our relationship to others, and even ourselves.

I teach people how to use journaling to improve their lives and I am taking my own journaling practice to some of the most fascinating and endangered places on the planet. I have sketched, watercolored, and journaled my way from the rain forests of Ecuador to the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania. Not only have my journal pages helped me learn but they have allowed others to share in my adventures.

My goal is to make the world a better place through journaling. This simple practice can help us on the individual, cultural, and ecological level. By joining me on Patreon you are helping spread the many benefits of journaling and helping create more beauty, more awareness, and more meaning in the modern world.
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When we reach $250 a month I will design and release a custom-printed journal/sketchbook with prompts and motivation! There will also be a celebratory livestream where we can all chat and share journaling ideas and plans for the future.
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