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Three things made me the man I am: Martial Arts, Role Play Games and Cinema...

A Little Story to explain:

"That Night" (on each side of a dream)
Once upon a time, little me was a kid. Everybody was seeing him as a regular boy, but in disguise, he was a jedi, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, a super sayan, and the karate kid, all at once… The only place where he could really be himself, was in the dojo with the other warrior kids. At the end of the training sessions, they all could play at fighting each other, just for the fun of it.

Once upon a time, there were a seminar at the dojo, it lasted one full week! Little me and the other warrior kids had a chance to play different kind of games, it was great! Little me started to imagine other stories, other possibilities and scenarios, more complex and funnier games… And that night, before the last day of the seminar, he saw himself playing those games with other warrior kids, in a possible later. That night, he decided that playing those games would be his job when he would be a grown up! The seminar ended, and it is still to this day one of his best memories…

Little me has grown up to become adult me. An adult me who is making adult decisions; important decisions… And after years of chasing dreams that weren’t his, adult me finally made one of the most important decisions of his life… He decided to reconnect to the dream he once had of his own, by allowing his little self to honour the promise he once made to his bigger self.

Standing at the other end of a dream, adult me decided he wanted to play again with little me… On that night, on that very special night before the last day of the seminar, on each side of a dream, it was me.

Twice upon a time, there was me and a dream I wanted to share...

So here I am: Ready to play! Do you wanna join?

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