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Welcome to the fam! 

You are officially a Martin Moon, one dollar may not seem like much  but more than anything it just shows that you support me and that means so much to Me!

Crescent Moon Benefits:

-Access to my patreon feed

-Weekly blog emails ( get a behind the scenes look into my weekly routine and work in progress)

-Weekly cosplay tips post!

-A monthly Shout out on my instastories

-A permanent  spot in my insta highlights

-Voting opportunities for future cosplays 

Half Moon

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Half moon benefits:

um thank you so much! I will do what I can to help you learn how to be the best cosplayer you can be!

Everything from the previous tiers plus

- pdf downloads of all my templates and tutorials 

this currently includes:

-princess peach style boba fett

-borderlands paint tutorial 

-boba fett  helmet and armor 

-bone daggers

any future cosplays will be made into templates and tutorials And emailed to you and you will have access to vote on what those options will be.

Blood Moon

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Going tone really honest, this tier is just up because my dad asked me to lol but you are more than welcome to do the same!



About Martin Cosplays

Why should you become a patron?
by becoming my patron you make it possible for me to make more content!
What I want more than anything is to give back to this community. I have been welcomed with open arms in the cosplay community and I just want to make it possible for anyone who wants to try it to have some one and some where they can go to learn and ask questions! The more patrons I have the more content and tutorials I can do for you! My goal for 2020 is to make at least one tutorial a month! The more time and resources I have the more I can load you all up with tutorials and tips! I welcome suggestions and questions here and if I don’t have the answers I will try my best to find them !

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As of right now my goal is to just get out there and share with you all what I’ve learned! My current goals for 2020 are:
-create a monthly YouTube tutorial video
-write detailed tips weekly for you all 
-create more props in between Cosplays allowing you all to choose the props I Make! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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