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About Martin Faulks

Did you know that there is a Western tradition of meditation practice?

In the modern, western world we are living in a kind of dark ages as to our own wisdom. Because of events in the past, we find ourselves very unaware of our own spiritual heritage. Indeed the modern westerner is more likely to know the teachings of Buddha than those of Socrates or Plato. 

It wasn’t always this way.

In the temples of Ancient Egypt, the priests taught the art of meditation. They didn’t use the term meditation at the time, but rather viewed this practice as a form of special sleep which they termed 'incubation'. The practice of incubation took place in a special darkened room where visitors to the house of life were taught how to sit or lie in a state of inner tranquillity, so as to bring about healing and insight.

This method was passed down to the ancient Greeks and into Italy, where temples of healing and divine insight called Asclepions were created with the same goals. These new temples also contained sacred rooms for meditation called abatons, where just like in Ancient Egypt incubation would take place. These meditation methods were used to gain insight and understanding into hidden things and whole books were written from the learning received by them. These techniques have not been lost, indeed Pre-Socratic texts and Hermetic writings are examples of training manuals in this ancient art.

This western approach to meditation is very different in feel and approach to the eastern methods of Yoga or Buddhism and needs some translation for a modern audience. 

It is my intention to study, practice and make available to the world these authentic methods of western meditation. It's time to take the study of our mystical heritage out of the hands of the academics and start using these methods again. To show the truth by being the truth.

I feel a great calling pulling me to bring this gift back to humanity. Over the last few decades much work has been done to make the ancient teachings from the Orient and from India approachable and understandable to the popular world. I believe it is time for the western tradition to step out of the shadows and shine as it once did before.

But there’s more!

These ancient teachings handed down from generation to generation are part of a complete system of self-transformation covering all aspects of life. It is my goal to uncover this.

In the temples of old we know the initiates were taught many different disciplines and doctrines that modernly we would only associate with the far eastern religions. Gymnastics were taught to perfect harmony in the body in a similar way that Yoga asana or postures are used today. Breathing methods to calm the mind and control energy were taught to restore health. Specific methods of training were taught to help develop correct and healthy thought, increased awareness and accurate intuition.

I believe that if I manage to regenerate the western meditation tradition of the ancient times the rest of the teaching will start to come back into focus in a way the modern man may find accessible.

Why is this important?

For me, technology is moving so fast that to bring the world into harmony we need to focus more on inner development. Science has given us great power and ability and we are using it to tear up the world, to make more objects to compete for power. We are in search of something to satisfy us but keep looking in all the wrong places. Perhaps if we went back to the traditions that our logic and science evolved from and rediscovered the spirituality that used to keep these arts in balance we can finally find what we are looking for.

If we could rediscover this special form of healing sleep, just think of the applications these skills could have for healing and scientific development and what they could to cultivate understanding as to what it means to be human. With effort and your support I believe I can be the bridge between east and west bringing mind sciences of the west back home.

Why I need your help.

I have dedicated my entire adult life to the study of Meditation and its associated arts. I have travelled the world to find the great teachers and techniques. With the insight this has given me, I have started to find clues in the original texts of what exactly was taking place. Matching this with modern teachings from the same tradition, visiting the original sites and pressure testing by really doing the practice is only half the job.

The real dedication is then in presenting this information to the world in a professional and easy to understand way. To do this I am asking for your support so an increasing amount of my time can be dedicated to this quest.
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