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I have created this lower priced $1 tier as I personally feel that due to the fact that my posts are, at times, sporadic, it is a more appropriate amount that reflects a realistic 'Value for money' contribution for those of you that enjoy my content and wish me to continue. Please spare a dollar and help to support my channel throughout my up and coming retirement. Thank you, Marty.
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Members  will be assisting me with the costs involved with the restoration of vintage model Matchbox cars for future generations to enjoy! 




Bought myself a couple of Matchbox cars off Ebay. Thought I might like to get the whole set. Thing is, I don't like play worn items and thought I might repaint them so that they looked new.

I was so pleased with the results that I made it my mission to buy as many worn and busted up matchbox cars as I could get and 'rebirth' them. The worse condition they are in the better!

And so it started, an obsession to turn back the clock and make things right.

These cars may not be 100% original, but they look good and will be around for another 50 years instead of going into landfill.
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With 1000 patrons I will be able to acquire essential equipment to improve the quality of my presentations and also improve the standard of my completed restorations.
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