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About Marushia Dark

The world is a dark and dangerous place, but the way towards the light begins by looking inward and seeing the darkness within.  Through my blog, my videos, my books, and my presence on social media, I attempt to help people navigate the chaos.

Our culture is presently divided along many lines, but I remain committed to neutrality.  I seek to #HealTheDivide by revealing to others a new way of thinking that leads to a better world.

By far, the best way to support me is to buy my book, Thelema, and to help it become a new cultural zeitgeist.  If you're tired of remakes and ripoffs and want something new and original, I invite you to check it out.  But if you're not into fantasy novels, or would otherwise care to help me in other ways, this page should hopefully provide a means for doing such.

The freer I can be, the freer I can help others to be, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything and everything you can do to make that task just a little bit easier.

May you each find love, happiness, peace, purpose, and will in your lives.


~ Marushia Dark
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