Trav Williams is creating Videos about canning and food preservation

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Industry JARgon!
The Patron behind-the-scenes feed.
We will update you about upcoming episodes, where we are in the process, and, when we have enough support coming in...

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A CAN-do Attitude!
Same as the $1 support level...except you're being even more helpful!
 Thank this level, you're supporting us THAT MUCH more, and we're very...

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CANdid Supporter!
A sweet postcard, created by our animator, Ryan JP, at the peak of canning season!
You will receive a thank-you postcard featuring a whimsical, preser...

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Laying the MASONry!
A Mason Jar (yes, an actual one) with a Holiday thank-you note, shipped in December.
You'll receive a handwritten and custom note r...

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CANdy for your Wardrobe!
A T-Shirt or an apron with The Mason Jar Suite's logo
. Nothing says, "I LOVE preserving food!" like a MJS T-shirt. And nothing says, "I'm an ex...

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An unCANny Likeness!
We will ANIMATE you, and your character will be featured in an episode
, AND at the end of each episode it will join the other supporting characters...

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Yes, We CAN!
A video that YOU tell us to do, every year!
 Want us to preserve that peach chutney recipe you got from your grandma? We will do it, as long as it's a safe ...

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You shall be CANonized!
On-screen recognition of your support; if you have a business, we will treat you as a sponsor
, by mentioning your name and thanking the business...