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Wassup guys!!! My name is Mason Mrgan. I am a 19 yr old LGB(t)Q
Singer/Songwriter. I graduated from Encore High School for the performing and visual arts in 2017. Since then, I have done nothing but dedicate my life, time, and energy to my music. I am on a mission to help soothe the souls of the once neglected and abused through my music. Life is full of so many things that tear us down, but I want to help remind people that they arent alone; That people are listening. I want us to stop being afraid to be our authentic selves in a world that would otherwise wish us to conform/selfdestruct. Music is my voice, and if people are listening I want to help them find theirs. Thank you for being a part of my journey. I appreciate you taggin a long for the ride.
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Ive been working on some groovy tunes lately and as a result ive had some super talented producers and marketing teams hit me up. K.E. on the track offered me a package deal for 1k. Entourage mgmt services has offered me a yearly deal which was about 2k to 3k. Buzzmusicla also wants $40 to work on a feature with me. Basically, the funds from you guys will help me invest further into my music career. (P.s.) I record my songs on my phone and im trying to find better equipment as well.
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