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You have decided to give me some of your hard earned money (a wise choice). With these funds I shall continue to be able to make games and provide the best quality content.

You will receive access to all updates on the game, as well as access to released version of the game book (when they are finished). As well as access to the "BRINK: Between Discords" discord server.

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You have decided to give me even more money! I am very grateful for this support, and will try my best to provide you your money's worth.

You will enjoy in-development builds of the game (posted once a month), and will be given access to the patreon server (with a superior title).

A surprise to be sure...
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You are too kind... with your money and support (why else would you throw money at me), I will try my best to provide you with the best content.

You will not only have access to the discord server, and In-Development/Finalized builds of BRINK, but you will also receive monthly (maybe weekly) work based on the world setting for BRINK (characters, creatures, etc.).




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About Eastern Star Entertainment

Greetings, and thank you for spending the time to visit my page! Currently, I am working on BRINK: Between Worlds, a tabletop game which seeks to add realism and interesting mechanics, while retaining ease of play. In addition, I will also post work on the world setting for the tabletop game (such as creatures, people, locations, history, etc). This game means a lot to me, and I've been developing it since 2015, slowly changing and developing it over the course of my college career. Ideally, I wish to make a living off of this, so that I can dedicate time towards something I am truly passionate about. I find making this game (and world) fun, and I love sharing it with others. All of your support is wonderful, and greatly appreciated.
  • I will propably make a post every month, in addition to any other smaller projects I might finish for the project, which will be posted in relatively random intervals (although probably more frequent than once a month).
  • I may also post one of two of some of the older games I've worked on if I get around to finishing them. Again, I am overjoyed you have come to my page, and hope you enjoy the work that I will be posting.
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Reaching an income of $100.00 a month (or $600.00 yearly), will show me that this project is going somewhere. I will begin to dedicate more time towards this project, and begin a weekly or monthly video series going over game mechanics (and ideas for new mechanics).
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