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About Masons Cavies

Hey everyone! It’s Sophie here from Masons Cavies.

As you may not may not be aware, myself and my husband run one of the most popular guinea pig vlogs on Facebook. We have a custom built enclosure which houses nearly 50 guinea pigs. Our herd consists of guinea pigs we have rescued, others we have brought and some we have bred and kept. 
However, in July of 2019 Opal, one of our females, gave birth and was the last intentional pregnancy here at Masons Cavies. 
After this we plan to rescue boars and get them neutered so they can be rehomed with females. We hope that, one by one, we can help the situation in rescue centres that have shocking amounts of male guinea pigs up for adoption. We have already had one boar, Phoenix, neutered after he was dropped off on my doorstep and he is currently 3 weeks post surgery.

We have recently raised £500 for local rescues in our area via varies fund raising activities and we ourselves do accept and appreciate any donation you wish to leave us. 

We have set up this page to that followers from all over the world can join in our popular and fun sponsorship scheme of the guinea pigs here. You can choose any of the guinea pigs you like for $6pm In return you will receive a birthday and Christmas card from your chosen guinea pig. An email update a month with photos of your chosen guinea pig. The masons Cavies newsletter every month via email and a certificate of sponsorship (after at least 3 months sponsorship) 

You can always follow us on Facebook for live videos and photos of you choose not to sponsor. We look forward to you joining us xx

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