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Hello, thank you so very much for the warm support that allows us to do what we love! : )

What I offer
Welcome! This Patreon page is my chance to create more content just for you, my chance to have more time to communicate with you and share everything I can with you.
My goal is to inspire you, everyone, to their fullest potential, whatever that may be. Creating this page is a new step for me towards my dream of and helping the community. Your monthly membership will directly fund a number of projects aimed at expanding our ability to educate the public about self-care both physical and mental, create a free space for children to hear books on audio with transcription to learn to read, promote videos on how to-do art projects for children and adults and allow space for creation of custom works requested by you.
        What inspires you???
A dark art piece to contemplate while you debate stocks?
Jewelry or claywork made of animal forms to remind you of why you are fighting so hard as an activist?
A science lesson translated by art to promote learning?
A goddess sculpture to empower you?
An erotic painting and personalized story (for adult Patreons ONLY) to counteract the tension of the workday?

We are all gemstones in the sand, with many facets to explore – let me help you explore and express some of your hidden facets!

Who We Are
My name is Kat and I have been a Neuromuscular / Medical Massage Therapist over a decade and a creative artist since I had the ability to grab supplies in my hand! Now I am a mother and live to help my children create ways to make our community a better place!
I have an extremely varied background with psychology and medical degrees, but also training in automotive engineering and creative writing. I have been an emergency vet tech helping operate on man’s best friend and built custom pre-1964 hot rods (I am even featured in a calendar of female mechanics pre-mom body). Throughout all of this art has been my passion, and it is as varied in its expression as I am with my interests.

Now, I hope to leave the world of “9-5” work with a creative “hobby” and make it my lifestyle. I am opening my own small practice in the Northeast United States and I love how close I am here to my first home, Canada. I find inspiration in the beauty around us here, and what I have seen living and traveling across the world. My children and I find inspiration in each other as well, and try to help each other be the healthiest, most content version of ourselves. We feel reading is very important as it opens new worlds to you, and we operate a free library book exchange box in our town!
We are always open to suggestions, as we are just growing content has just started and we love creating work by request!
Thank you again so much for the support that allows us to do what you love!
  • -Kat
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When we reach $500 a month from Patreon support new videos will pop up for demonstrations of experiments, painting techniques and creative ideas requested by our lovely supporters. YOU choose the content we create! 
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