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  • Will have access to Patreon exclusive DiD Fics! 
  • Damsels from all corners (comic books, video games, anime, etc) will be struggling in vain, mewling through their speech impediment, and all the things that makes a DiD Fiction amazing will be available to you.
  • The things you loved about my writing and more!

The V.V Commission Project

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  • Keep the perk of being able to view my Patreon Exclusive DiD Fics.
  • Will be able to suggest which Damsel I will write about (more on that process later).
  • Will be able to suggest how the damsel will be in Distress(also more on that process later).
  •  This tier will also greatly  help me fund the V.V commission project. Whoever contributes in this tier will most DEFINITELY get a high-res of the picture when it is done in the near or far future.

About Masterless_Me

My craft is my writing. It's my place of escape and the means for me to create scenarios that will otherwise never play out. 


I write about the bad guys having their way. I write about the feeling, the primal instinct, the want and the need for what it means to be in total control of the scenario. I write from the heroines' point of view and how it feels to be on the losing end--to struggle with everything they can only to find out that it might all be for naught. 

In this exclusive page of mine I will:
  • Take more suggestions than ever before
  • Delve into the darker themes of DiD 
  • Deliver more content that I have never thought of doing before
  • Writing more about characters I love
  • To take this hobby and give whatever I earn back to commissioning more beautiful art in the DiD genre!
  • Build the V.V Project

::On a side note, I've worked with a TON of artists and I have permission to use the art I have commissioned for decoration and as a source of inspiration. I will NOT be using them to directly make a profit with your contribution::

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 158 exclusive posts

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