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Welcome to Mastodon.ART!
If you're here because you want to support an open, free, decentralized home on the fediverse for artists and all creative types, you're in the right place!

What is Mastodon.ART?
is a vibrant community of artists and creative folks on the decentralized and FOSS micro-blogging platform Mastodon. It's been a home on the Fediverse for artists, writers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, game developers, sculptors, knitters, metalsmiths, ceramicists, performers, and more since Apr/2017. Mastodon.ART will never sell your data, track you, serve you ads or sponsored posts, or mess with your chronological timelines, and it has a robust Code of Conduct with clear rules defining what is and isn't allowed in the community, which is strictly enforced by its team of moderators. It is hosted on a dedicated server using Masto.Host.

Why Patreon?
Mastodon.ART relies on the support of its users to pay for its operating costs. Running a community like .ART isn't free– .ART will never run ads, sponsored posts, sell its users data, or track them– and is committed to providing a safe and supportive home on the web for artists of all kinds. However, there are still hosting and maintenance costs, and your support will ensure that this community remains free and open for many years to come.

How will this money be used?
Any funds collected from Patreon will go back into paying for and supporting the Mastodon.ART community, primarily by paying its server/operating costs and the cost of the Mastodon.ART domain, but also through commissions and other forms of support for its users.

Who am I?
I am @Rheall/Heather Gilbraith, a Canadian artist and writer. I am the current admin of Mastodon.ART, taking over from its original founder at the beginning of 2019. I run .ART with the help of a fantastic team of dedicated moderators. I started using Mastodon in Nov/2017, and .ART was my first home on the Fediverse. The community stole my heart with its talent, generosity, and community spirit, and I'm honoured and committed to helping it thrive as best I can.

What is Mastodon?
Mastodon is a FOSS decentralized micro-blogging social media platform (similar to Twitter, but with many changes/updates/upgrades) which uses the ActivityPub protocol to allow its users to connect with other services also using ActivityPub. Its strength lies in decentralization: allowing users to form their own servers (known as "instances") from which to host their own community on the platform, leading to a service made up of thousands of instances all connected to each other. Each instance has its own rules, giving people the power to manage and maintain their own social communities which are able to communicate with each other and the wider 'Fediverse' of services using the ActivityPub protocol, such as Pleroma, PeerTube, Plume, Pixelfed, FunkWhale, Friendica, Write Freely, and more. Decentralization resists a large, centralized, often capitalist authority controlling how people use and implement the service and their data, and instead gives freedom and power to its users to control their content, data, and community. With content warnings, image descriptions, a robust suite of moderation tools, and more, Mastodon focuses on accessibility, privacy, and safety to empower its users.

Mastodon was created by @Gargron/Eugen Rochko, but Mastodon.ART is not affiliated with him outside of being a supporter of the Mastodon platform.

You can also support .ART on Liberapay.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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