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Hey everyone!

I have created this Patreon because I want to devote more time to writing, reviewing books, and interviewing others. Unfortunately, these things take time and time is money. It is my hope that with this Patreon I can devote more time to writing consistently in the various places that I write for free online. You can find my collection of articles at

All pledges are essentially to support my online free content. That being said, those who pledge $10 or more a month will gain access to exclusive content, which I will provide as much as time permits. 

Thank you for your support. <3 
Mat Auryn


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Previous Patreon Exclusives:
🐇  Clearing & Charging Crystals with Reiki
By Nicholas Pearson (Exclusive of Reiki Facts & Myths)

🐇 Removing Astral Parasites With Diana
By Mat Auryn (Exclusive of Astral Parasites)

🐇 Meeting the Plant Devas (Starting With Calendula)
By Jessica Rose Booth (Exclusive of The Art & Spirit Work of Vibrational Essences)

🐇 Dialoguing with the Shadow Self Ritual
By Sarah Lynne Bowman (Exclusive of Integrating The Shadow Self)

🐇 Spring Into Love Spell Oil
By Lilith Dorsey (Exclusive of Lilith's Love Magick)

🐇 15 Ways To Interpret Tarot Reversals
By Mat Auryn (Exclusive of Shifting Perspectives With The Hanged Man)

🐇 Consecrating & Charging Talismans
By Aidan Wachter (Exclusive of The Talismans & Spirit Work of Aidan Wachter)

🐇 Archangel Raphael Bone Healing Tea
By Mary-Grace Fahrun (Exclusive of Rue's Italian Kitchen Magic)

🐇 A Pagan Approach to Spirit Boards
By Chas Bogan (Exclusive of The Modern Conjure of Chas Bogan)

🐇 A Helios-Hekate Spell for Success
By Jason Miller (Exclusive of Hekate: Queen of Sorcery)

🐇 Jewel Case Energy Exercise
By Byron Ballard (Exclusive of The Hillfolks Hoodo of Byron Ballard)

🐇 Feeling The Future
By Christopher M. Hughes (Exclusive of The Magickal Battle For America)

🐇 Treasure Chest For Stress
By Mat Auryn

🐇 Kleis Chthonia: The Key To The Under World Meditation
By Cyndi Brannen (Exclusive of The Modern Keys to Hekate)

🐇 The God in the Mirror: A Spell to Know One’s Divinity
By Storm Faerywolf (Exclusive of The Blue God Of Faery)

🐇 Working With Wax Figurines For Healing & Blessing
By Mat Auryn

🐇 Fehu Runic Tarot Spread
By Lonnie Scott (Exclusive of Staying Weird With Hauntings, Magick, and Divination)

🐇 Datura Plant Spirit Guided Journey (Audio)
By Christopher Penczak (Exclusive of Christopher Penczak On The Spiritual Bond Of Plants And Witches)

🐇 Communicating With Spirits Through Tarot (Video)
By Mat Auryn

🐇 Career Crown Spell For Success
By Mat Auryn

🐇 Enhancing Smoke Offerings To Spirits
By Mat Auryn

🌙 The Mind Unleashed Lecture From Phenomenacon 2020
By Mat Auryn

🐇 The Energetic Elixir of Emotional Trasmutation
By Mat Auryn
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
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