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We don't tend to think of $1 as a lot of money, and maybe it isn't to you. But to me? Do you know what that REPRESENTS to me? 

You're showing me that my work has affected you on some visceral level, and I can only stand here in stupefied gratitude for that. 

YOU are who I write for, and YOU are who I'm grateful for. Thanks for the dollar. And don't EVER think that it's too small to make a difference.

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I take notes on everything I read, and over the last several years, I've collected the best parts of every single book I've ever read. That's more than 700 books!

I've been calling them Book Breakdowns, and supporting me at this tier means that ALL of my Book Breakdowns are available to you. 

Updated monthly, this is the accumulated wisdom of humanity, slowly gathering in my brain, refined and broken down, and passed on to you. 

People usually like this tier best!

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"I don't believe in universities. I believe in libraries." -Ray Bradbury

Welcome to Patreon! My name's Matt Karamazov, and I'm a writer. 

More importantly though, I'm a reader, and I want to share all of my Book Breakdowns with you. 

Wait! Let me back up...

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of Patreon, and thank you for even considering supporting my creative work. You f*****g rock. 

If you're a reader of my website,, then you probably know that I read books like they're all going to be burned tomorrow.

I read, and live, with Intensity, and for years now,  I've collected every single life-shattering, heart-swallowing, game-changing, paradigm-shifting, "holy f*****g shit I never want to forget this, EVER!"...THING that I've ever come across in my reading...and I've collected them in what I'm calling my Book Breakdowns. 

That's what I'm offering as a "thank you" for supporting my creative work here on Patreon. 

You can actually preview 80 of these Book Breakdowns right here: LINK

They're yours to keep. Read them, save them, share them, whatever! 

So far, my reading list includes classics like The Republic and Paradise Lost, business books like Good to Great and The Effective Executive, personal development books like Turning Pro and The Slight Edge, psychology books like The Sane Society and The Denial of Death, etc.

It's basically the collective wisdom of humanity slowly gathering inside my brain.

All of my Book Breakdowns are separated by book and by year for easy reference. 

Supporting me on Patreon means that you will get ALL of these Breakdowns sent to you monthly, as I read and record incredible new insights from all these spectacular books. 

In total, you'll get:

*All my previous Book Breakdowns (700+)

*All my new Book Breakdowns, updated monthly, and sent to you directly

*A list of my favorite books of all time, growing constantly

*A "Master Document" containing all the best Breakdowns from every single book I've ever read

*A list of my Finished Books, which you can also use for book recommendations 



If you head on over to and enter your email, you'll receive a completely FREE video course on how, EXACTLY, you can read at least 52 books every single year. 

You can also find my full reading list there, along with specific book recommendations:


If you want to "go big, and never leave your home," there's also my monumental, acclaimed online reading course, Hit the Books, which will teach you EVERYTHING I KNOW about how to read more books, read faster, choose what to read, make more time for reading, and much, much more. 


The available knowledge out there, just waiting for your discovery, staggers the imagination.

It's funny how I'm actually getting stupider (not a real word, I know), since every time I learn one new thing, I find THREE new things that I didn't even KNOW that I didn't know.

How much more is there out there?!?! 

These questions will always keep me up at night, but fortunately, I also brought a book with me!


Alright, so that's pretty much what's available to you as a "thank you" for supporting my creative work. Even $1/month helps, and I am massively appreciative when anyone chooses to support me. No amount goes unnoticed!

But do you want to know where your money goes?



1) My website expenses come close to $100 every month, and that is growing all the time, as my influence expands. From website hosting, to my email service, to virtual assistants that I hire occasionally, the costs all add up.

So your generous contribution would be a HUGE help in keeping the website sustainable and helping me to keep turning pages for years to come!


2) Books and coffee just go together; I can't explain it. I drink a lot of coffee and I spend a lot of money on books (and on library late fees!), so if you could toss a few dollars my way for a cup of coffee, that would be awesome.

I definitely spend a few hundred dollars a year on books too, so your contribution could help buy a new book for me too!

Make sure to buy yourself one as well!


3) In the end though, my human rights work is the focus of my life. It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I've made this a priority, but with each passing day, I'm becoming more and more acutely aware that there are a great mass of people who desperately need my help. OUR help.

Thousands of children under the age of five years old STARVE TO DEATH each and every day, and I've seen some of them with my own eyes.

I sit here with my books and my coffee and my modern conveniences, and meanwhile there are millions of human beings who are silently begging for my help.

Again, OUR help.

I have to do what I can to answer them. And I have to try and convince good, decent, and caring people like you to hear their stories and to take action.

To that end, I've started a nonprofit, Volunteer to Save, and I've been funding it myself. We basically reward volunteers with cash discounts from local (and online) businesses just for tracking their own volunteer hours.

Then we encourage our volunteers to donate a portion (or all) of their cash discounts to Doctors Without Borders, the international humanitarian relief organization.

Supporting me on Patreon would help me take this initiative to the next level.

It's a struggle right now (struggle can be good for you, though!), working 5-7 nights a week at 4 different jobs (bouncing at a bar, overnight hospital security, writing, and running my nonprofit), trying to put all this together and do my part to help relieve global suffering.

I'm not telling you how hard I work because I'm interested in sympathy; I recognize that life is HARD sometimes! Life is SUFFERING (that's the First Noble Truth of the Buddha).

But I believe in the power of books and education to transform individual lives, and I believe in the power of the internet to build communities and establish movements.

Because, as I've also come to ask myself as a result of reading so many amazing books, What are we here for if not to make life a little less difficult for each other?

So check out the rewards on the right-hand side of the page and see if you might be interested in any of them!

But even you don't end up pledging (and no hard feelings if you don't) you can still do me a favor by going out, finding just one person who believes that they're all alone in the world, and convincing them that they're not.

All the best,

Matt Karamazov



Below are some of the best non-profits that are well-deserving of your time and/or money. If you don't donate to me, I'd still be tremendously grateful if you would consider donating to any one of them:

Giving What We Can

Doctors Without Borders

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International

Volunteer to Save

Also, here is a link to my website, the place where you can receive my FREE video course on how you can read at least 52 books this year. Enjoy! And happy reading!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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