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About Matt Richards

Welcome to my Patreon page
You may be familiar with me and my music, from live performances or from YouTube and other social media. Or you may be investigating what I do for the very first time. In either case, let me tell you something about myself.

I'm Matt Richards, a fulltime professional musician who is, first and foremost, a guitarist. By most accounts I am a jazz artist. However, the popular concept of the traditional jazz guitarist sitting on a stool playing politely for a socially reserved audience isn't completely accurate in my case. I do respect and draw from the historical foundations that jazz is built upon – I also draw upon a wealth of cultural influences and musical genres to inform and create my music.

Right now, I am best-known as a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist. I play a great deal of solo performances throughout the year for a variety of programs and in a broad range of venues. Just over a year ago I released my fifth album, the all-solo-guitar recording Balance. But, that's not all I do. I play electric and fretless guitars in my progressive jazz group the Power Trio Jazz Project; I collaborate in musical duos with vocalists and instrumentalists; I work as a sideman and session player; and I compose and produce music for small and large ensembles featured in live performance and soundtracks.

I have conducted my career, thus far, as a totally self-produced artist, working alone, focused primarily on singular efforts in recording and production. As I've mentioned, there are many aspects to the music I envision and work to create – I have come to realize the participation of and interaction with other artists and technical experts will be necessary to bring this music to life. One of the most immediate projects is a new studio recording of the Power Trio Jazz Project. (The last official trio release was more than ten years ago.)

Though challenging, my do-it-all-myself approach has worked in my solo efforts. (In fact, I handled every facet of Balance, including recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design and promotions.) However, these broader endeavors will necessitate studio fees, musician fees, album production costs, video production costs and other related expenses. To record the PTJP with an acceptable level of quality and professionalism, it is impossible for me to simultaneously assume the roles of musician, producer and recording engineer. Creating first-rate music that is not only well-conceived and performed, but superbly produced requires collaborating with talented, experienced individuals whose focus and dedication align with mine to yield superb results.

I truly believe that an important aspect of my mission as an artist is to engage individuals through my music, to develop my ability to express my life through the music and to share this expression of human life with you. If you subscribe you'll be a valuable part of the process and the result. I'll share my own experience of creating my music with personal experiences and insights throgh audio and video that will be exclusively yours.

$5 – videos and audio updates & personal musical advice & insight
$10 – monthly transcription of my arrangement of my music or the music of other composers along with updates & personal musical advice & insight
$25 – 30 minute guitar lesson each month via Skype along with updates & personal musical advice & insight
$50 – one hour guitar lesson each month via Skype along with updates & personal musical advice & insight
I want to invite you to join me and be a vital part of this entire process. Sign up at the level that suits you – you can change or cancel anytime.

Thanks very much!

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