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Breaking through from the Alternative Media into the Mainstream Media, TaylorTV is set to lead a revolution in movie making, by building the King Arthur Film/TV studios, to producing a new King Arthur - The War King trilogy.

TaylorTV is leading the media through this coming revolution of mind and souls. 

I have been a loyal soldier of the Revolution and every chance of success has been sabotaged, scuppered and ruined by Sussex Police and their evil cohorts.

(Most probably the Masons!)

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Are you Matt Taylor?

I was arrested on 21 December 2020 for allegedly taking three 15 year old teenage boys into the woods to have sex with, after showing them videos of beheadings.

Of-course I didn't, and it just proves that I am a victim of a conspiracy to fit me up for a crime I did not commit.

As a result of the arrest, all my computer equipment was seized by Police. As a freelance journalist, writer and film maker, I haven't been able to earn a living, nor find suitable employment, which this nightmare hanging over my head.

Six months on, Sussex Police have failed to charge me and they continue their investigation.

Read more at Guerrilla Democracy News- 50th Birthday Surprise!

Brutally Honest Real Life Drama, only at TaylorTV!

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