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is creating CouchBot, Assisting Creators in Engaging their Communities
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About Matt the Dev

Hey there!

My name is Matt and I used to have a YouTube Channel. When YouTube Gaming hit, I wanted the ability to engage with my community via Discord and let them know when my stream was live. I set out to create a bot to do this for me. Being one of the first YouTube Gaming Bots - I was able to engage with the YouTube team, build relationships, and mold CouchBot's development around access to that source of knowledge.

Over time, I wanted to invite other people to the Couch. I onboarded Mixer, Twitch, Picarto and Piczel, we've got Mobcrush and Smashcast, and the list goes on!

Are you a streamer, creator, or someone that wants to know when one of their favorite creators go live?! Look no further than CouchBot!

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