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I don't have anything for you yet.  But if I ever decide to do previews of upcoming posts, or content, it will be here for anyone who pledges




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About Matthew MacInnes

I'm writing a lot of weird, sometimes existential, flash fiction, mostly SciFi and Fantasy. I like writing flash fiction because it allows me to get to the essence of a story, without having to deal with niceties like context and exposition.  But I'm also working on longer pieces, including a couple short stories that I'm just finishing up, and a couple novels, that I've barely just begun.
You can find all of my writing at The website is still a bit messy, but I'm working on it. Pledge and help me get it better, faster. I appreciate any amount.
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I will pay someone to update my website.

I will be slowly working on it in the meantime, but some professional help would really kickstart the process a lot.  If I'm making this much money, I think I could afford it.
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