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About Maud

Hi! I'm Maud, some people know me as Maud Suicide.

I make Pin Up photographs like this:

Even a dollar supports me as you fuel the Maudy Train, finally, we're going somewhere! This page allows you to see flirty and sexy stripteases to sensually elegant Mini Sets to get your daily Maud dose and fulfillment. Enjoy photos not seen anywhere else as well as other valuable content you're not going to want to miss.

By your contributions, your support and supply Maud with the valuable resources to contribute even more. I am currently shooting with a very out-to-date camera, saving up for one with better quality to reassure the very best Patreon updates and saucy content that's just for you! 

Pleased to be working with you as much as I am, I am offering monthly giveaways and unseen, signed, nude photographs to her supporters as well as lil gifts you might find bring you joy. 

Maud is a one-man band and is getting ready to quit her normal person job to fulfill this 100% all of the time. She will need to reeeeeeach her current goal to surprise these goals and achieve all the greatness she has to offer!! 

What is Patreon? 
Patreon is a monthly subscription based platform that opens up worlds to thousands of content creators and their creations of all kinds! Each tier offers a reward depending on your subscription level; basically the higher you pledge, the better the rewards become for you. Your patronage helps the content creator create more of what you love! I happily offer both Physical and Digital rewards. 

Whats the difference between Digital and Physical rewards? 
 Digital and Physical rewards both have full access to the entire site. However, depending on the specific tier, you receive different perks at the beginning all through the end of the month. Digital rewards receive photos and video through messages. Physical rewards come in physically the mail. Old school love letters and photographs, or, depending on the tier, newer and improved merchandise that is frequently updated and cycled. 
When are rewards sent? 
Maud messages and updates are set to be sent out every Monday of the week. Digital rewards will be sent out in three sections- at the beginning of the month, middle, and the final batch at the end of the month. Right now we are focusing primarily on completing the 2020 Calendar completely self shot and created by me exclusively. Each set will include phone images, a video, and a full image set. Physical rewards are to be prepared two months in advance and will be processed the first of the month, sent out the second week of the month. If you don't receive your rewards, kindly send me a message and I will be happy to help whatever that may be! 

Where can I gain access to your Private Snapchat? 
You can access my super fun and hot snapchat through Dagger Digital/Physical (tier $25) and all tiers above that. Snapchat is one of my favorite places to hang out with my patrons, it's like having my phone number but with photo and video! 

What is the main goal? 
My main goal is to keep authentic old school Pinup alive while inspiring others to be their best versions of themselves. Primarily focusing on busting out my fourth ever Calendar- now that we have everything we need it's time to get this ball rolling. Pledge today to be apart of a super special and sentimental experience creating something out of nothing. 

How tall are you? 
I am 5'8!

Eye Color?
I have hazel eyes - they even turn yellow sometimes!

When is your birthday? 
May 28th is my Birthday- don't forget it! 

How did you get started doing what you do? 
I started modeling for SuicideGirls in 2015 and collected nearly 700K on Instagram before it was deactivated in 2018. Creating that girl-next-door-in-1943 feel inspired me to become my own brand. Soon after I became an SG I opened up an Etsy store that is now just barely scraping 3000 sales! Published in multiple magazines such as Tattoo Erotica, SuicideGirls Volume 3, and Campout Magazine. I also can be seen featured in Drake Bell's music video, "Fuego Lento". Soon to be seen on the cover of Campout Magazines first ever Calendar! 

What's your dream? 
My ultimate dream is to take my visions as a real-life Pinup girl and make them into true reality! I wish to create more and more sets and videos using the power of art and magic to produce something truly timeless and unforgettable. I want to get into burlesque, learn costume making, and be the best business Alien/Witch alien hybrid I can be. I am aiming to become a tattooed icon of this century and one of my main objectives is to be on the cover of Inked Magazine, perform burlesque, and to get to 300 Patrons

Current Project: 
Currently, I am starting my ultimate shootdown for my 2020 Calendar! Time is ticking, props are painted by me, customs are hand-sewn and steamed! Starting this week we are ready to take on the heat when we start busting out each and every set one by one with pure grace and confidence! Your patronage goes towards this huge project and you will be able to see each moment of it!

If you have a question or a comment of any kind, please message me directly through Patreon or you may email me at [email protected] as well! 

Thank you for your time, I can't wait to see you. 

What're you waiting for? Support now!

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Right now we are primarily focusing on producing, shooting, and creating the 2020 Calendar all by myself!

For maximum efficiency, I am desperately needing a new computer, a professional Microphone, and Photoshop. (I am currently editing photo and video with a 10-year-old computer!) 

With your help, we will complete the Calendar! 
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