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is creating an INSANELY Built 2018 Carbon R1

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What is a Bike Build Series?
This is a video series where we take a Brand New 2018 Yamaha R1 and UPGRADE it into a MASTERFUL MERK MACHINE AKA Triple M! ...and SELL TO A SUPPORTER FOR $1!

What is a Patreon Funded Project?
This is a Patreon funded project. Those who pledge money to support MaxWrist Triple M project will gain access to Patron only posts, polls, live stream where we will talk about the plan of AKA "Triple M". 

Patron's are automatically considered for the opportunity to buy THE "TRIPLE M" R1 BUILT BY MAXWRIST for $1.

How does it Work?
As a Patron of the series you are pledging money that will be used to fund this project. As a Patron you will ONLY be charged when a paid episode is posted on the Patreon site . We're going to upload 4-6 videos per month until the the bike turns to a "Triple M" carbon YAMAHA R1.

How will you be charged?
Patrons will be charged at the end of each month based on the amount they chose to pledge. For example, if you were pledging $10 per episode and we created 5 paid videos in a month, then you would be charged one time at the end of the month for a total of $50.

What happens to the bike once completed?
Once the motorcycle is fully upgraded and the series is over one supporter from the Max List of the MaxWrist Build Series will be given the opportunity to buy the INSANELY Built "Triple M" Carbon R1 for $1

Patrons are automatically added to the Max List. The more episodes you support and the higher your support level the better!

Please note, California sales tax for the motorcycle will be paid by MAXWRIST. However, the new owner may have to pay taxes and fees within their state when registering the motorcycle.

*Disclaimer*This is a Patron funded project. Patrons are pledging money to support, be a part of the series and the content that is being created. The new owner also agrees to sign all documents in front of or stamped by a notary when transferring ownership of the motorcycle. Anyone who participates in this project agrees to all of the terms stated above along with releasing liability to the content creators or anyone else who works on the motorcycle. The new owner also agrees to sign a release of liability upon taking over ownership of the new motorcycle.

Fans of MAXWRIST's Bike Build Series can show your support and get added to the 'MAX List' for FREE by mailing a 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick First Class Mail Postcard with your full name, address, phone number and paragraph explaining how you're a FAN of the New MAXWRIST Build Series.  

1171 S Robertson Blvd
STE 191
Los Angeles, CA 90035

*New Owner must be 18 years or older.
*New Owner is responsible for shipping (international included).
*Limit: One Grand Prize (Motorcycle) per PERSON for life.

Due to the nature of how this series works, we are NOT able to issue refunds.

Limit 25 contributions per person/per aired episode/per month, regardless of method of entry.
No purchase necessary to enter.

*Information disclosed on this page was created by MaxPin, LLC. Unauthorized duplication or re-use is protected and prohibited by law.

Maxwrist正在定制并推出全新的“Triple M Power” 2018 YAMAHA R1 系列改装视频!

我们每周都会上传一个该车的升级改装系列视频,<wbr>其中Maxwrist会用全新的Yamaha R1($18000)并将其升级为“Masterful Merk Machine” AKA “Triple M Power” all carbon fiber R1然后以“$1”卖给本次系列视频的一个支持者!

点击链接 join us now!get a chance to win

这是一个视频系列,其中MaxWrist采用全新的摩托车,然后将其升级为MASTERFUL MERK MACHINE AKA Triple M POWER! 然后然后以“$1”卖给本次系列视频的一个支持者

这是Patreon资助的项目。那些承诺支持MaxWrist Triple M POWER项目的人(patreon)将可查看我们每周最新发布的帖子,视频,并参与民意调查,现场直播,我们将谈论“AKA Triple M Power”的计划。

作为该系列视频的赞助人,您承诺将用于资助该项目。作为赞助人,只有在Patreon网站上发布付费剧集时才会收取费用。我们将每月上传4-6个视频,直到把这台原厂r1变成“三M功率”全碳纤维YAMAHA R1。


一旦摩托车完全升级我们将从我们的“MAX FANS列表”中选择其中一个赞助人并以1美元的价格提供2018年雅马哈R1。 赞助人会自动添加到粉丝列表中。您支持的剧集越多,您的支持级别越高越好!



MAXWRIST 系列视频的粉丝可以通过邮寄一张3-1 / 2英寸高x 5英寸长x 0.007英寸厚的头等邮件明信片以及您的全名来显示您的支持并免费添加到“MAX列表”中,地址,电话号码和段落解释您如何成为新MAXWRIST Build系列的FANS。
MaxWrist 1171 s robertson blvd ste 191 Los Angeles,CA 90035

*限制:每人终身一个大奖(摩托车)。 由于本系列的工作原理,我们无法发放退款。 无论进入方式如何,每人/每次播出/每月限制25个contributions。  


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