Max Writer is creating Tabletop Role Playing Game Journals


$1 /mo
Not-Readers are just that.  They don't really read.  But they want to help support my patreon.  For only a dollar a month, you're helping!  Thanks!


$2 /mo
Readers have access to two rpg journals uploaded per week (on Monday and Friday).  These will mostly be AD&D and D&D campaigns I've run over the last 30 years.


$3 /mo
Bookworms get an additional journal entry per week, at this time games I've played in as opposed to running.  Every Wednesday, you can delve into my playing in various tabletop rpgs and see what ki...


$4 /mo
Perusers get a fourth journal entry each week, released on Sunday morning.  These will tend to be longer entries and focus on other games and campaigns.

This tier will start with the Call ...