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Welcome to’s Patreon Page!

Maze Arcana is a multi-platform concept and story creation think-tank that specializes in fostering an inclusive culture and augmenting the community with positive and uplifting content.

We focus on generating content for our partners, like Inkwell Society the only show licensed to livestream in the setting of Eberron for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Magic the Gathering for Wizards of the Coast, and a variety of other tabletop gaming icons featuring our celebrity friends on actual play.

"Your shows look so well produced, why do you need a Patreon?"
Thanks, it's movie maaaaagic! We couldn’t do it without our amazing crew who volunteer their time and equipment to make it look as good as it currently does. We have poured our souls (and every favor we could call in) to make Maze Arcana look and feel as unique as Eberron. It wouldn’t be right! Especially with the Inkwell Society where we deep dive into the Neon Noir core of Eberron's essence.

We have a Patreon because we can only open so many credit cards to pay for the location, utilities, crafty, and equipment upgrades we need to keep this thing chugging so we can put out more Maze Arcana goodness, and continue on a weekly-basis. Hell, it’d be nice to pay back our crew’s kindness with a couple bucks or a pizza from time to time, right?

OUR DREAM is to make Maze Arcana a place everyone can kick up their shoes and feel like they belong. We want to give you a place to create lasting memories and to grow as a family, together, building on content that will supplement and delight! You’ll see that each Patron tier includes perks, like class builds, additional behind-the-scenes footage, and more, that allow us to show you just how much we appreciate your support. Further, Patreon acts as a direct connection to us, so if you think you have a great idea for a reward or content you’d like to see on our channel, let us know!

WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we know 2019 is going to be a magical year and, if you can’t afford to support us financially, you still get a front-row seat to every show because you’re still one of us, an Arcanite! Drop us a line here, or at, and we’ll see you in Eberron!

THANKS AGAIN for joining us here, reading this post, and watching Maze Arcana.
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In addition to the weekly article content, there will be a weekly poll to help shape and direct the content you most wish to see!
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