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As a Rogue, your support is greatly appreciated. While I work through buying and selling Magic cards, I'll share my insights with you. 
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Please see my "About" section for more details.
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Please see my "About" section for more details.
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About Jonathan Medina

Hello Friends!

Thank you for checking out my Patreon. I created this as a way for me to build a community with those who enjoy my content. You'll find a wide range of material here because I enjoy exploring all aspects of Magic. If you're unfamiliar with me or my content, this collection of links will give you a good sampling. Let's talk about what you can expect from this Patreon.

Public Posts
Anytime I create content I post it here. A lot of my content is public and freely accessible. Follow this Patreon to get notified about of new content, no pledge is required.

Patron-Only Posts
These posts will include the following:

- Monthly Update: Every month I post an update about my content. I also thank those who’ve decided to be part of my Patreon community.
- Commander War Chest Set Updates: For each set (Starting with Zendikar Rising) I will post an exclusive article detailing my changes to the Commander War Chest. This will only be available to patrons and will not be posted publicly.
- Other Posts: There are times when I post a patron-only decklist or experimental content. Those will be available for you to enjoy.

Exclusive Discord Role
My community Discord server “The Bazaar” is open to everyone. Becoming a patron will give you access to exclusive channels server:

- the-huddle: This is a channel where I'm available to chat. I enjoy talking with my patrons about the projects they’re working on and life in general.
- mtg-finance: This is a place to discuss topics that impact the financial side of Magic: The Gathering.
- early-access: This is where I post articles before they get published to the public.
- giveaways: I periodically do giveaways and post free MTG Arena codes in this channel.

Coupon Code Depending on your pledge level you’ll get 10-15% off my online store Alchemists Refuge. This is a great way to show your support while also offsetting the cost of your pledge!

Selling MTG on eBay I've created a three-video series on how to sell your Magic Cards on eBay. The series includes detailed walk-throughs of these topics:

- Pricing and listing your cards. (Available Now)
- Shipping your cards in a cost-effective way. (Available: June 8th)
- eBay Store Introduction (Available: June 12th)

MTG Finance Content
I have extensive experience with MTG Finance, but this is not a die-hard finance Patreon. I will occasionally post finance content related to what I’m currently working on. When I do that content will be exclusive to the Rogue tier and up.

Thank You Note
I will send you a personalized thank you card. I also want to keep this slot open for sending other gifts as I develop the Patreon further. Stay tuned for more details there.

If you’re still reading, I’m impressed and grateful. Thank you. I’ll be constantly looking for ways to make this community interesting and enjoyable. See you inside.

<3 JM

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