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About Meet The Creators

We were all set to launch the last week of August, but a life-threatening family medical emergency has necessitated a delay. If all goes well, we should be able to launch in early September. Your patience and support is deeply appreciated.

Guest scheduling is underway.
Episodes available in September 2017.
Become a patron today and we'll keep you updated. Thanks!


First Things First...

  1. Creators: See "Request a Guest Invitation" below.
  2. Patrons: Tell us which Patreon creator(s) you would MOST like us to have on the show, and we'll get to work on it.


and our NSFW "Adult Content Edition" sister show)

Welcome to  Meet The Creators, the exciting new safe-for-work (SFW) show featuring your favorite Patreon creators, with great Patreon conversations, global Patreon news, the latest Graphtreon stats about Patreon and its creators, and answers to your most compelling questions.

About Our NSFW Sister Show 

For adults interested in
Patreon creators of adult content, please also visit and support our NSFW sister show: 

Meet The Creators: Adult Content Edition

Our adults-only sister show is probably not safe for work; but that depends on where you work, right? ;/)

For both shows your host is Dr. Charlie (no, not that kind), and we promise you we will leave no stone unturned to bring you information about creators from all Patreon creative categories, which currently includes Animation, Comedy, Comics, Crafts & DIY, Dance & Theater, Drawing & Painting, Education, Games, Music, Photography, Podcasts, Science, Video & Film, and Writing. If you want to create, find gaps in those categories, create something unique, tell us about it, and we'll share your message with the world.

Our message:

"Variety is the spice of life, and the wide variety of Patreon creators make this world a more fun and interesting place for all of us!"

We invite you to help us share that message--and these wonderful creators--with the entire planet.

Great Conversations

On Meet The Creators you'll get in-depth conversations with Patreon creators, including those who are new & noteworthy, and those who have already achieved phenomenal success. From those creators who are solidly in the mainstream of their chosen creative fields, to those on the controversial bleeding edge of creative genius, you will find them all right here on Meet The Creators.

 most interesting creators will tell you about their backgrounds, their journeys, and their outlooks. You'll learn who they are, where they came from, what other jobs they've had (or still have), why they joined Patreon, and their visions for the future of creativity and the importance of patrons, like you, who support them. Our guests will engage, inform, inspire, motivate, and move you to action--either to become a new or more involved patron, or to become a Patreon creator yourself. Maybe you'll be a future guest on this show. If so, we can't wait to hear...and share...your incredible story!

Global News

Meet The Creators will also track and report on all major news stories and articles worldwide about Patreon and its creators. You'll know everything that's happening in the world of Patreon creators--no matter when or where in the world it's happening. BTW, feel free to send us any Patreon news you find, just in case we missed it--even if it's about you!

Graphtreon Statistics

Meet The Creators has partnered with the unparalleled genius of Graphtreon to bring you the latest and greatest statistics about Patreon creators. See which creators have the most patrons, the highest earnings, and how their performance is trending. Are your favorite creators rocketing to stardom, holding steady, or possibly headed for trouble? Which new Patreon creators are growing rapidly? We'll bring you the details on all of that data...and more...on each episode.


Whatever you want to know about a Patreon creator and/or their's your chance. Whether or not the creator is on the show, if you have a funny, interesting, or unique question, we'll reach out to them for the answer. Go ahead; take your best shot!

Send Us Your Ideas!

Meet The Creators
needs your input, ideas, and feedback. Who are the Patreon creators you would most like us to have on the show? What would you discuss with them? In short, what can we do to make  Meet The Creators a more fun and interesting experience for you? Let us know.


If you're already a Patreon creator, but you haven't yet received an invitation to be on one of our shows, please email us as follows (and feel free to tell us something special you might share with our audience):

[email protected]
, using the subject line format & example below, and briefly explain why and when you'd like to be on the show:

Subject Line Format: Invitation Request from [Your Patreon Name]

Subject Line Example: Invitation Request from Chapo Trap House

- or -

[email protected]
, using the subject line format & example below, and briefly explain why and when you'd like to be on the show:

Subject Line Format: Invitation Request from [Your Patreon Name]

Subject Line Example: Invitation Request from The SimBro Team


Meet The Creators sincerely appreciates the support of our patrons. Please ask your friends, family, and co-workers to support us on Patreon today. Thank you!


"The world's greatest creators are on Patreon, and everything great about Patreon is on Meet The Creators."

Now, on with the show!


Dr. Charlie is not a medical doctor; but he has stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once or twice.
$0 of $5,000 per month
What can we do except say "THANK YOU!!!" for helping us accomplish this first goal? Here's what (drifting into rewards area here, we know):

After this goal is reached, the following three patrons--regardless of the amount pledged (or increased)--will be invited to appear on the show:

  1. Our very first MTC patron;
  2. The last MTC patron whose initial (or increased) pledge is made as part of this first goal (i.e., the one who finally pushes us to or thru this goal); and 
  3. A randomly selected MTC patron (other than the above two) whose initial (or increased) pledge was made prior to the achievement of this goal.


Plus, we'll let you plug something that is important to you (e.g., a charity, your business or employer, your own or someone else's Patreon page--including our page because we are not above shameless near-self promotion, etc.).

Just a brief side note: In the highly unlikely event that you are our very first MTC patron, and you pledge the entire $5,000, then we'll do a special episode dedicated solely to and about you (or whatever topic(s) you choose). We'll probably even embed your face as part of our Patreon cover art above. In other words, you'll be our hero!

C'mon, let's do this!
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