Ash Vickers of MegaCynics is creating webcomics and digital art

$3 /mo
You'll be able to view Ash's digital sketch book.  This will include drawings from comic panels, fan art or anything she happens to be working on at the moment.

$5 /mo
Early access to future non-live video projects. We have some really cool stuff planned! And you know from reading the comic that we have some pretty cool friends. I bet they'll be involved somehow!

$10 /mo
Access to high resolution versions of all MegaCynics poster art, original art, and fan art. Now there's a lot of this, and we are currently working on getting it all together and accessible in one ...

$100 /mo
Wow, you're generous! So generous that Ash simply MUST draw you.  You'll receive a custom avatar drawn by ash that you can use for your facebook, twitter... whatever you like!  OR she'll make a qui...