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About Corinne Sudberg

Welcome peeps! My name is Corinne Sudberg! I go by Megami33 on Youtube! I'm a parody maker, voice actress and I also make English adaptations of anime/video game songs! Some of my most popular covers include Alola (Pokemon Sun & Moon) and Boogie Back (Dragon Ball Super)!

Patreon helps support artists, entertainers and more (especially those on Youtube like me) to continue creating quality content by donations people can contribute through here. You can choose to pledge any amount you'd like per song/video ($1, $5, etc) and in return, you will get some awesome rewards for your help! You will be charged once a month and can set a limit of how much you're donating, no matter how many songs/videos I post. You can read more on what it means to be a Patron and what Patreon is all about here:

I've been making YouTube videos since 2006. I started out by making song covers and also Sailor Moon Abridged! Since then, I can be heard among various New Media, indie games, animations and more! I'm also part of Team Four Star, providing some voices for DBZA, Hellsing Ultimate and FF7: Machinabridged!

YouTube has always been a part of my life and has helped me to express myself in many ways. I learn how to edit, sound mix, voice act and more because I wanted to be involved with entertaining people. With new advancements added each year, making videos takes a lot of time, effort, sacrifice and of course, money. I've only been able to make videos part time, but I hope to eventually make this my full time job so I can make amazing, quality covers for you. There's lots of songs I love to sing and with your support on Patreon, I'll be able to raise enough to hire more mixers, musicians and even animators! It would also help fund future projects like full version covers, original songs, parody skits, reviews and eventually maybe animated music videos! The sky is the limit! I hope you can join in helping me make this big step in my life! I want us to reach for the stars.

I appreciate all the support and love I've gotten throughout the years, whether through my own content or with TFS. Any donation, no matter how small, will help in the long run. I love entertaining people and I am grateful that I am able to do so, especially through music. I wouldn't be able to get as far as I did without all of you. Whether you donate, share this page or just watch my stuff in general, I just wish to thank you all! <3

$160.04 of $200 per song
First goal! Getting this funded would help me to commission more composers/musicians! We'll be able to produce more quality, covers with original instrumentals from various anime & video game titles! Even producing full versions!
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