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About Meganaut

Hello and good morrow!
I am Meganaut! I am not an alien in disguise as a human, don't you worry.
I make THINGS! what kind of THINGS? Video game things! Or something!
Here's my twitter where I sometimes post art and game wips.
Also here's my Soundcloud.

Q: So you make things, huh? What kind of things have you made, Mr. Meganaut?

A: I'm glad you asked, random person from the interwebs.

I've made a webcomic called Antagonist Super Society, based off a video game I haven't made yet. I've also made SCP RPG, a video game based off of a video game that I made, with the same name! I've also done occasional art and music for other games. Video games have always been a passion for me since I was but a wee little grub!

Q: So what are you trying to tell me? You some kind of video game developer or somethin'?

A: Yes.

I've got plenty of experience doing RPGmaker games, as well as doing art and music for a handful of other games. I want to be able to make video games that I can release for free. Like I said a few hundred sentences ago, I've always wanted to make video games since I was little. I was diagnosed with "Stubborn" when I was little, and I have never let go of that dream ever since. I have way too many ideas for my own good, and I just NEED to make video games. It's part of my condition. The only prescription is to make video games.

Q: Alright, alright. So you wanna make video games (or whatever). That's cool. But why should I give you money? You're really weird.

A: I only have 2 arms and 2 legs after the War.

Which is barely enough for me to be able to make oddities. And I cannot bear the idea of losing another limb to pay rent. If you pledge money to me, not only will you get my unwanted respect, but I will also be able to release my creations into the internet, free from my mind, free to entertain people as they please. And, more importantly, free of charge. As well as be able to pay for bills and food. Which according to some scientists, food is essential to being able to live. And I can't help but believe them.

Q: If I pledge money to you, what do I get in return?

A: Quite a few things, actually.

You'll get an invite to my own personal Discord server, where I might hang out (maybe). Not only that, but you'll get access to my Patreon posts, where I'll post my current WIP's for games, and even other stuff that isn't game related! You'll also be the first to playtest my games in their early states of development. And when I do decide to get off my chair and sit in my chair to livestream, I'll notify all my Patrons before hand of an upcoming stream. Basically, you'll get front-row seats to what's happening, when it happens!

tl;dr: I am human. I make human things. And I need human income to human properly so I can do human things.

$0.63 of $1,000 per month
Part-Time Meganaut.
I'll be able to upgrade my equipment and hire some people to help me out. I will also be able to make more high quality comics and maybe some videos from time to time.
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