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About Melanie Eberheart

Hello! Welcome to my Patreon! For those of you who have known me for a while on Wattpad, it's great to see you! For new friends I don't know yet, it's nice to meet you! I am so happy you've come to visit me! I'd say it means a lot to me, but that doesn't even begin to describe my happiness to have you here.

Every week I post original written works of my own imagination. For my $20 patrons, release dates are on Sundays, when I finish a chapter you guys will immediately have access. For all other patrons, posts will be available the following Sunday. It's one post that I will change availability on for $20+ patrons versus $1+ patrons. In short, the more you donate, the sooner you get to read the fresh updates! Once a book is completed, I shall release to all patrons for two weeks and then upload the book as a whole for $10+ patrons. Or you can purchase it on Amazon in paperback or ebook.

Every month as a big thank you for all the support of my wonderful patrons, I host a poll with a special theme where you guys can pick your favorite option and I'll write a short story about the one that gets the most votes (ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE). My typical genres are:



Every now and then I write a fanfiction, but most of the time the characters and their universe are of my own design. Every first chapter of my books are free for the public to read, but from chapter 2 on they'll be for patrons only. Any amount helps, but just $1 gets you access to all my in-progress books. Check out the other options offered for more rewards and treats!

My dream is to be an author and I'm hoping making my own way right here and now. It's going to take a lot, but with all of you here to support me, I'm sure I can do it! If you choose to donate to me along the way, thank you! That's amazing! I bow at your feet for believing in me. I swear I won't disappoint you.

I already have several books uploaded to my Wattpad, many in the process of being edited, so if you want to check out some of those, go right ahead. I post a medley of things on my Tumblr, not all of it about my work, and my Discord is always open if you want to chat or make some friends! I also have a Twitter, Instagram, and a Facebook page for my work.  Finally, if a monthly support is more than you can handle, I also have a Ko-fi where you can buy me a coffee! I really hope to see you around sometime! Thanks for the support!
- Melanie


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When I reach $50 a month, I will start hosting regular Q&A's to answer questions and let my readers know about upcoming events!!! Also just to chat and hang out because you guys are awesome!
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