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My eternal gratitude.

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Background Characters on IISY

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Original characters of your creation (Or even ID versions of yourself) will be added as background characters cameos on the on going comic Is It Summer Yet?, your name and/or nickname being fully credited. (Up to two characters per update, it MUST fit the background realistically, this meaning no fantastic characters).




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About Andrey Flores Bello

Pleased to meet you, my name is Andrey Flores Bello, mostly known as MentalCrash on the internet, I've been drawing comics and silly things as far as I can remember, but started doing TF art on deviantart since 2011.

If you're looking at this Patreon you probably know already, I've always been interested in doing TF artwork with some decent story telling, whether is TG (Gender Transformation), AR (Age Regression, Pokemon TF, WG (Weight Gain), etc. etc. My first big project being the TG story Mirror's Cycle, with which I started drawing TF and got me into the community.

Those who know me closely though, are aware I've never been wealthy, and I'm facing rough upcoming years with several ideas in mind.

I've been working on a long TG comic for a while now, called Is it Summer Yet?, after which I've been also planning future comics and perhaps even an Adult Novel.

But I can't do this alone, and I really need your help to keep going with, what I've grown to believe, is my true passion, any contribution you could help me with would make me truly grateful.

Yours Truly,

Andrey Flores, mostly known as MentalCrash

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$351.01 of $500 per month
I used to do Kiriban Contests every now and then, last one was by the Pageview 1,000,000, reaching this goal would make possible to have these happen more often, as well as making other contests with free artwork as prize.
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