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hiii kitty. Thank you so much for your support. thats means a lot for me. ♡

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thank you for your support! you help me a lot :3

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a phone wallpaper :3

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if you are a Ahri lover too this is the best tier for youu

♡unseen ahri photos and selfies that i choose only for this tier (kda and classic)

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♡access to my patreon feed

♡special thanks on my story




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About Merco

Hi♡ my name is mercan i live in Turkey with my cats. i love making costumes since i was a little child and then i start cosplay.  I love cosplay so much and I want to make my cosplans real but everybody knows that cosplaying isn't a cheap hoby ): I would be very happy if you support me 
Sory for little writing mistakes my english its not awesome :3
lots of love -merco

Selam♡ ben Mercan. Kedilerimle beraber Türkiye'de yaşıyorum.Küçüklüğümden beri kostüm yapmaya hep meraklıydım ve daha sonra cosplay yapmaya başladım. Cosplay yapmayı gerçekten çok seviyorum ve cosplanlarımı gerçekleştirmek istiyorum ama herkes bilirki cosplay ucuz bi hobi değil :(
eğer bana destek olursanız çok mutlu olurum :3
sevgilerle -merco
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