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Butt Tier

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In my butt you'll find every video I poop out a day early. Basically, early access on main series videos (Looking Deeper, Anime History Lesson, John's Gems, Ect.)

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$3 /mo
Access to every video a day early as well as access to my "after-thoughts" which are recordings I do after my videos go live where I reflect on the video, add additional information, and discuss th...

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$5 /mo
1 day early access on all videos, after-thoughts videos, AND name in the credits.

Abdomen Tier

$10 /mo
Every video 1 day early, access to after-thoughts, name in the credits, access to Patreon exclusive stream where we watch 3-4 episodes of an anime/toku or a movie of near equivalent run-time once a...

Omega Tier

$20 /mo
You've gone beyond the limits I have set. For $20, you get your name in the credits, one day early access to all videos, access to after-thoughts, Access to monthly anime/toku stream, and access to...