Mermaid's Wrath

is creating an all-female-cast voice pack for World of Warship




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Hey, come on in and pull up a chair~!
Until I have all the details fully fleshed out, I'll keep this brief;
What are we doing? Making the same mod you're already come to know, but more!
How are we doing this? With your help!

This project isn't cheap to produce and so far has been entirely out of my own pocket. That's great and all if you have money, but sometimes you have to choose between hiring high-cailbre voice talent... and eating. So we're going to test the waters by dusting off my old Patreon account and setting ourselves the goal of crowdfunding the standard upkeep of the mod. This includes new lines that Wargaming adds and adding diversity to existing sets.
If things really take off we can attempt our stretch-goal of making Mermaid's Wrath in other languages, such as Russian, German, Spanish, etc. With your help we can fill the gender-gap that Wargaming has left in every language up to and including Ancient Latin!

At this time we don't have any options for membership rewards, but we do take suggestions for new dialogue to script if we have slots to fill
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