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About Meryiel

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my Patreon page! Here you can read some general informations about me and why you should consider supporting me.

About me...

My name is Marianna and I'm a 21-years-old autist hobbyist artist from Poland. I'm creating both NSFW and SFW drawings, comics, bases and animations. I also voice act from time to time. My dream is to become a professional artist one day. For now I study IT and learn how to program.

Here are some other not interesting informations...

  • Expect to see many drawings of my character - Succ the Succubus! She's a real star!

  • My commissions are currently open on my Fur Affinity profile.

  • I have some big projects and collaborations that are still in early work, but I will try to finish them as soon as possible and upload WIPs here regularly.

  • Oh, and I also love food and video games.

My other pages...

Tumblr (SFW)
Fur Affinity

And feel free to join my server on Discord!

Discord -> Meryiel#3020
Meryiel's Artistic Den

Why would you want to support me?

All of my drawings are free to view and download! I don't and I won't hide my work behind a pay wall.
That is why I ask you for your support - I have to manage my time between college and drawing, and I can't always rely on commissions when it comes to earning money. I wish to buy myself a new tablet since the one I'm currently using is faulty and won't last long. I also need to pay for extra programming lessons and drawing programs.
So if you like my art and you want to see more Succ, Furries or just more of my stuff in general - please consider donating to me monthly! Of course - there will be rewards included!

If you don't want to donate monthly, you can also "buy me a coffee" or send a direct donation to my PayPal account.

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