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Writing is hard, but reading is even harder. At the end of every story, I'll include a list of the names of every person donating (at the time the story ends) as a sincere and heartfelt thank you.
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About Mesmer5128

My name is Mesmer5128, and I write erotic short stories on the internet. To quote famous quarterback Aaron Rodgers, I "really really like women", and by women I mean women, and by women I mean women with really big breasts. The giant spirals aren't coincidental, by the way - I also really like hypnosis. Specifically, I like those women I mentioned earlier hypnotizing other people. That's the kind of thing I write about.

Special note about hypnosis: Is hypnosis non-consensual?

This is a very serious question and I want to give it a serious answer. Anyone who knows anything about hypnosis knows that hypnosis is a psychological phenomenon and is fundamentally consensual; that a person cannot be hypnotized without wanting to be hypnotized. A lot of fiction writers who include hypnosis in their stories choose to portray it as a magical power that overrides that requirement and makes it indistinguishable from forcible mind control. As anyone who reads my stories will know, I do not. My protagonists are not rapists.

There are a scant few occasions where more forcible, non-hypnotic forms of mind control appear in my stories, but these always the actions of villainous characters and are not written to be or intended to be titillating. Hypnotic inductions are erotic to me. Flipping a switch and turning someone into a robot is not. Given certain misunderstandings that I've heard have cropped up around the concept of erotic hypnosis in the past, I wanted to make my personal position on this very, very clear. Thank you for reading.

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