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About The Mesozoic Life Project


Greetings, my name is Kevin Miguel, better known as Blayken in the YouTube world and the truth is that from a very young age I have been fascinated by dinosaur documentaries and prehistoric creatures in general.

However, it has now been a long time since there is nothing new for sale, in terms of prehistoric documentaries, movies or series where different prehistoric animals are realistically represented, both in appearance and behavior, according to the latest discoveries. , scientists and paleontological knowledge, so he proposed to do something about it.

Over time, I got in touch with a group of users and fans of dinosaurs, and later, with paleontologists, illustrators, palaeoartists, 3D animators and sound designers, in order to give life to the Mesozoic Life Project


Mesozoic Life is a mini documentary series intended to show the prehistoric life of the entire Mesozoic period,
which will be available both on my YouTube channel called Blayken and on the official Vimeo channel called Mesozoic Life Project.

The series will be 3D animated, for all audiences and will have a total of five episodes, a pilot episode (Trial version) of 6 minutes duration and four official episodes of a maximum duration of 10 minutes in its first season.

The series covers the three geological periods of the Mesozoic era: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Furthermore, in what will be the first season of the series, including the pilot episode, we will focus on Argentina, Europe and Africa, as these three places have various dinosaurs and other impressive prehistoric creatures, which have long been displaced by more famous and well-known dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the Triceratops, among other animals that you will surely see later if the first season is successful.


Kevin Miguel (Blayken)
Screenwriter, director and initial producer of the project.


These five users have helped me with different ideas, products and other internal issues of this project and without their help and unconditional support they can never start with all this.

Koldobika Larrazabal Serrano (Kbika)

Hernán Dinges Asensi (HERNI)

Martín Casas (Warpath)

Pepe Erosa (Dead Man's Party) EFFECTS AND SOUNDTRACK 

Gastón Barthelemy audio / gast% C3% B3n-barthelemy-music-productor-audio-engineer-nvnmmz


Raul Ramos

He is the main paleoartist of Mesozoic Life, being the creator of the illustrations of the levels and the banner of this Patreon, and also the creator of more than half of the different Prehistoric Creatures for Project.

Frederic Wierum (Fred the Dinosaurman)

He is a freelance illustrator of dinosaurs and other creatures, who had worked in collaboration with video games like The Isle or Saurian. Currently he makes multiple sketches that serve as inspiration to create the different scenes of future episodes of the series, while he deals with other projects of his own. He is also known in the YouTube world as Fred the Dinosaurman.

Jacob Baardse

He is a 3D sculptor and creator of characters like dinosaurs, dragons and all kinds of creatures, who has worked together with Frederic Wierum to portray the various creatures and dinosaurs from video games like The Isle or Saurian, TV commercials etc. Raúl Ramos has been the creator of the famous figures of the KickStarter Beast Mesozic project.

Currently he will be in charge of making the collectible figures, or sculptures, which will be exclusive to the Mesozoic Life project.

Nines Amaro

Illustrator and creator of the different outros that I have at the end of my YouTube videos, and he is also the creator of the different Logos of the Mesozoic Life Project.

Mario Lanzas

Spanish palaartist, creator and designer of some base models of the different prehistoric creatures of the project.

Julio Lacerda

Renowned palaeoartist, creator and designer of some of the project's different prehistoric creatures.

Vitor Silva

Paleoartist and traditional sculptor, he will be in charge of painting by hand the exclusive figures of the Mesozoic project Life will achieve its corresponding objective in this Patreon.

Odi Mori

Graphic designer, illustrator and future 2D-3D animator. Translator and supervisor of different aspects of the project, stories such as the official website and the different conceptual arts and illustrations used for the project.

José Sánches (Joselyx98)

2D animator, creator of StoryBoard and illustrator, is in charge of creating the initial StoryBoard of the Project's episodes.

Manuel Agüero (DinoArt)

Freelance traditional artist and illustrator with great taste and special ability in drawing dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. It will be the assistant to make the basic sketches for the appearance of all kinds of prehistoric creatures of the project to help a work of other illustrators of greater experience of the project.

Bryan Villegas (Villedraw)

He is a traditional and digital freelance illustrator specializing in prehistoric creatures from either the Jurassic Park saga or other science fiction creatures. He will be in charge of making the sketches of the different scenes of the episodes of the series to help visualize and visualize the scenes better, helping to advance or even the complementary work of other illustrators of the greater experience of the project.

Max Bellomio (digitalduck)

He is a paleoartist and aspiring CG artist who specializes in the Zbrush and Blender programs to create accurate and up-to-date scientific reconstructions of existing and extinct animals. Currently he will be in charge of making 3D models of our different animals in order to show a 3D or CGI animation style in the future, giving greater aesthetic realism to the Mesozoic Life project.


 Roberto Díaz Sibaja (Palaeos)
Biologist, paleontologist and Scientific disseminator.

Elena Cuesta Fidalgo. 
Graduate in Geology, PhD in Biology at the UAM (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and completed her doctoral thesis on Concavenator corcovatus from the site of the Hoyas en Cuenca, Spain.

Dr. Rodolfo Anibal Coria
Paleontologist, professor of Natural Sciences, advisor and director of the Carmen Funes Museum in Plaza Huincul, in the Province of Neuquén, Argentina.

Dr. Agustín Martinelli
Paleontologist, Conicet Researcher and Associate Curator in the Vertebrate Paleontology Section of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences "Bernardino Rivadavia", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dr. Martín Ezcurra
He is a paleontologist who works at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences "Bernardino Rivadavia" in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at CONICET. He has described more than 20 prehistoric species, including: Orkoraptor, Powellvenator, Aerotitan, Bicentenaria, etc.

Dr. Sebastian Apesteguía
Paleontologist, independent researcher of CONICET at the Azara Foundation (Maimonides University) and professor of Herpetology and Paleontology at CAECE University and the Argentine School of Naturalists.

Taking into account this Patreon is the basis of the project, since thanks to the support elements such as exclusive products will be made for later sale and these products will be used indirectly for the series, the best way to support without being economical. is to share it by all possible means, since the more people who know it the more possibilities it will be possible to achieve the necessary means so that the Mesozoic Life series can be carried out.

Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign 2019 (Mesozoic Life The Animated Series)

 Mesozoic Life project official online store:

My Paypal account:
$144.45 of $300 per month


• With this money, the 3D models of the creatures that will appear in the Mesozoic Life project can be made within 2/3 weeks.

• Currently a total of 42 prehistoric creatures are planned, ranging from dinosaurs, flying reptiles, mammals, fish, among other species from the Mesozoic era in which it will be the first season of the series.

• Approximately 6 to 8 creatures per episode, once all the creatures are finished, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched to raise funds to animate the episode to which the realized animals belong.

• Also all these models can be touched up to become collectible figures, which will be available to members of this Patreon.

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