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About The Messianic Meow

The Messianic Meow is the Messianic version of The Onion/The Babylon Bee.

I started The Meow as a way to develop my spiritual gift of Creative Communication. I love to make people laugh and this is a good way to do it.

My position at my job was eliminated at the end of the first week I launched The Meow. Everything happens for a reason. I've been praying about it for three months and have finally decided to just jump off the cliff and raise support for The Meow.

Some things I feel the Messianic movement needs that the Meow can bring: 1) We now have a piece of pop culture that is exclusively ours. 2) The Meow promotes unity within the movement. 3) The Meow covers important topics that you will not find on SNL, like Marty Goetz writing a Broadway musical or Jonathan Bernis opening a chain of Messianic themed amusement parks.

Being able to raise support for The Meow and do this full time means I don't have to worry about whether or not I have the time and energy to keep this going. It also means I have the time to make this more than just satire articles, like writing Purim spiels and potentially other Holiday plays for congregations to use at no cost. This would also mean I'm available for speaking engagements. I can come to your congregation, conference, retreat, etc and be funny. Have you ever had a Messianic comedian speak at your event before?

I have also brought on an Assistant Director and would like to be able to pay him.

You can read all of our articles on our web site and you can also find some of them on The Messianic Times web site now as well.

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