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kittens are my support family! 

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- Access to BTS content. 

- Access to my Snapchat. 

- A Shoutout via Instagram. 

- Occasional gifts including signed prints. (after first month) 

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Tigers share my creative vision! 

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- Signed artwork print upon joining. 

- Access to BTS content. 

- Access to my Snapchat. 

- A shoutout via Instagram.

- Monthly gifts which may include signed prints, letters and artistic creations  (After first month).

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Sabre-toothed Tigers are my biggest fans! 


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- A personal commission upon joining.

- Monthly Signed prints & gifts. 

- Access to ALL of my creative content. 

- Access to my Snapchat. 

- Shoutout via Instagram. 

- First chance to buy any of my creations. 

About Messy Space Kitten

Hello and welcome to my creative space. Here you will find me in my element ... creating beautiful artistic pieces inspired by femininity, spirituality and my own experiences of life! 

I simply cannot continue my artistic journey without you, I want to thank everyone who supports me from the bottom of my heart. May you be blessed.

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