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Every week House Dok Productions releases an update. Get them here first. Also, we open up the campaign vault, a collection of characters and campaign notes from our beta tests and weekly games. 

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Each month we will publish  an exclusive story seed, or one page adventure. Also, we will open the beta files. Want to see what we're working on next, test out new Boons, Powers, or characters, this is where to start. 

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In 2019 House Dok Productions released Metahumans Rising, a tabletop RPG inspired by classic comics and modern superhero tales. Thanks to our supporters we successfully Kickstarted Metahumans Rising. However, there is so much more we want to do with the world of Metahumans Rising and with Patreon we're hoping to expand the world we've created. 

So what are doing?
  • A Steel Aces comic. 
    • From concept to comic, the comic will focus on the Steel Aces, the signature team included Metahumans Rising. The RPG was inspired by comics, so why wouldn't we want a comic inspired by the RPG? 
    • Steel Aces will update every other week. We know two updates a month is slow, that's why we need your support! Check out our goals, as we add patrons we produce additional comic content, so tell your friends as well. 
    • As a fan of classic comics, we hope to capture the feel of these iconic stories while telling our own tales.  
  • Weekly status updates, this might be: 
    • Discussions on what's in development for Metahumans Rising
    • Tools and advice like our series on power archetypes
    • Rules clarifications
    • Other game content
  • Monthly adventures, here's a one page story example

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Timeline: Metahumans Rising (or Earth-3191)
There was so much we wanted to include in the core book, and your support will allow us to develop the setting that is and never was, the world of the Steel Aces and US 7. Once we hit 10 patrons we will create a timeline for the world of Metahumans Rising based on the snippets that we were able to include in the book.  This timeline will include details around the first modern Metahumans and the US 7, notable events and heroes that helped shaped the world and details that can help GMs and players create their own universe. 
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