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  • Get all the Master’s Arena written lessons, including new ones being created (now with bonus videos)

  • Access the Patron-only MGA Audio Course Unleash Your Speed 2.0! right away (and hey, when there’s a ton of Patrons, I’ll create other exclusive courses)

  • Be a "fly on the wall" and spy on me during some of my practice sessions, writing sessions, and recording sessions

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About Metal Guitar Academy

Online Meets Old-School!

I’m not really a Yoga dude, but I’ve always admired those “drop in” Yoga classes. People can show up when they want, get what they need from that session, follow along at their own pace and level, and not have to pay a lot. Plus, they get to learn from a single, real instructor.

I’ve been on the lookout lately for how to create this same type of environment for Guitar Students - and now, I think I’ve found it. This Patreon stuff seems to be the format (finally!) where this vision can be brought to life!

Hail, Guitar Gladiators! 


Brett Miller is my name, and your Guitar Improvement is my game.

I’m a pro Guitarist and Guitar Instructor, and have authored many books & courses through my company, Metal Guitar Academy MGA. I've released a bunch of Instrumental Metal records, have composed original soundtracks for video games, and have been an in-demand private instructor, for students around the world, for over 15 years.

But enough about me - this is about you! Patreon is an intriguing new platform for MGA, because I can offer pretty much everything I create - including Webinars, audio programs, videos, and one-on-one instruction - in a membership format (for a very low price), but with the potential to reach a lot more people.

In order to lay out a veritable Shred Smorgasbord, I’m loading up this MGA Patreon Project with all kinds of Guitar Gratification. You’ll have access to pretty much anything and everything that I do, as it relates to your Guitar Improvement - that’s the overarching vision here. Here’s what's happening:


A big reason to begin your MGA Patreon membership (and something new that I’m very excited about!) is the Webinar stuff. Learn from a new Webinar every month, about all kinds of specific topics. You’ll always be able to access each Webinar whenever you’d like - I record them, then upload them to a secure MGA Vimeo page. You'll be able to watch the vids right from within the Patreon mobile app, or right on the site (no having to visit a YouTube channel all the time)!

In each Webinar, I’m explaining, demonstrating, and often writing on-screen in real time (in which case, you’ll also be able to download any written materials). In fact, why don’t you check out the Webinar below when you get a chance - you can get a taste of what to expect! This particular one is aimed at Beginners, but there will be a good mix of Webinars for Beginners and more Advanced players. (This is one of the only Webinars I've done that will be "public" - all the rest will be for Patrons only!) 

I’ve been in a berserker rage lately to start waging Total War with Webinars! I love ‘em because they can reach so many guitarists at once...and this Metal Guitar Academy Patreon Project is the perfect fortification from which to launch the assault!

Live Hotseat Q&A

Each month, I’ll get in the Hotseat, where I’ll do a live-stream via YouTube and you can ask me whatever the hell you want! I’ll diagnose, and prescribe a solution for, any Guitar playing problem you may be having. And of course, these events will be recorded - so that you can watch any of them whenever you want. Bring your Axe - maybe you’ll get to put me in the Hotseat!

Master's Arena!

Master's Arena is a multi-volume PDF master class. In each one (anywhere from 2 - 5 pages), theory and technique concepts are unlocked, decoded, and demystified. A new topic is covered in each volume, with practical examples and explanations that you can apply right away to your playing.

There are 24 existing Master’s Arena PDF lessons, and as the MGA Patreon Project gains in strength, I can continue to create new ones. There’s also a Bonus here - each one will now have a video to go with it, where I’ll demonstrate the material!

Master’s Arena alone was a $5 monthly getting it now, plus the Webinars & everything else, for just $10, is pretty deal-a-licious!

Unleash Your Speed!

Immediately when you become a Patron, you’ll get access to Unleash Your Speed 2.0!, a Patron-only audio and PDF course that you can listen to right on the Patreon mobile app or website. This is a course designed to help you play even faster. It has tons of exercises and licks, covering the "Four Pillars" of Shred: Legato, Speed Picking, Sweep Picking, and Tapping.

Hear each exercise played slow and fast, then use the 15-page workbook to try them yourself! It’s a great introductory course for Beginners, but also specifically designed to be challenging for players of all levels once that metronome starts cranking! And, as this Patreon grows, I'll be able to create even more exclusive courses for MGA members!


Be a “Fly On The Wall” (my favorite AC/DC record) during my practice sessions! This might seem weird, but actually, a lot of people have asked for something like this. You can watch what I work on for my own playing, and also watch me screw up - which is sure to make you feel better about your own playing! I’ll also periodically livestream my writing and recording sessions to you Virtuosic Voyeurs, for the ultimate invasion of my privacy! Seriously though - if you’re new to that stuff, it can really help to watch someone going through that process. The idea here is to just be able to help you guys out in any way that I can! 

Other Cool Stuff

Patreon has something called Lens, where I can post quick videos or pics (like a Lick 'O The Week, a cool warmup, a heavy riff that I just wrote, or things like that). When you want to communicate, I’ll do my damnedest to reply to any & all questions or comments you Metal Mercenaries have about any of the videos or posts. It’s also important to me that we have an Open Relationship. I’ll continually ask for your feedback and suggestions, to find out what’s working for the Patreon Project, what’s not, and what other types of material you guys would like to see there.

Some other Patreon Project Perks? How about Patron-only posts, where I can answer more of your questions! Also, I've begun recording my live instruction, and posting it to the MGA YouTube channel. I'll make some of these a "special reserve", just for Patrons!

Bottom line? I want to create a community here for dedicated Guitar students, where in return for your modest monthly financial support, I will provide a veritable onslaught of the best Guitar playing support that I possibly can!

So, Guitar Go-Getters, There You Have It!

With this Patreon Project, you will have: 

  • The most immersive Guitar Improvement environment possible 
  • The most modern and convenient-to-use delivery systems
  • The best of both worlds between an online & old-school approach
  • A lot of fun! 

Check out the two tiers, and decide which is best for you. You can switch from one to the other at any time, and you can cancel entirely at any time. So, what are you waiting for? Become a Metal Guitar Academy student today!

Some Playing...

Here's a quick video of me jamming/improvising, and also a vid featuring songs from Oath Of Dagon, one of my records. If I was planning on learning from someone, I'd want to check out their playing, and I'm sure you're no different!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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