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You get early access to new videos, Patreon exclusive music PODCAST & you get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you help fund Metal Jesus Rocks and you are part of the Metal Militia! For those about the Rock, We salute you!
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Previous Tier + access to the official Metal Jesus Discord Chat! Want to share your latest game pickups? Talk Hidden Gems, Music, Movies or Big Box PC games? Come join the conversation!

Also when I post asking for new Patreon Questions, you will get to contribute to those videos! Ask me anything about games, music, video editing or what Drunken Master Paul is really like when he's sober (i.e.: it ain't pretty and involves lots of crying and coffee)
Includes Discord rewards
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Exclusive access to VIP channel of Discord chat + Metal Militia Coin.
Previous Tiers PLUS you get: Access to VIP channel on Discord chat. This is the perfect opportunity to get exclusive access to me. Also you are an official member of the Metal Jesus Metal Militia and you get the challenge coin to prove it. In order to qualify for this reward, you must be an active $10 a month patron for a minimum of 6 months, or a lifetime pledge amount of $60. (I send these out every 6 months to newly qualified Patreons)

Includes Discord rewards