Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

is creating Articles and videos on extreme weather & abrupt climate change.
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About Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Are you deeply concerned about the dramatic increase in extreme weather events around the world? If so, you've come to the right place for staying on the cutting edge of these changes and understanding what is happening.

I discuss increasing extreme weather events our world is facing in the context of abrupt climate change. As our world continues to warm, changes in our global climate system continue to accelerate, causing increasing life-altering and life-threatening stresses on human society, agriculture and the animal/plant habitats we depend on.

Abrupt climate change is change on a scale less than a human lifetime. And unfortunately, many of the changes we are witnessing are already profound on scales of years to a decade. From the extinction of species to the loss of sea and land ice, major changes in atmospheric and ocean circulations, as well as the increase in all modes of extreme weather events. I provide analysis and context for these events and where the changes are likely heading based on the latest multi-disciplinary scientific assessments.

Why should you become a patron?

I believe the predicament humanity faces with climate change must be communicated in real terms without fear of discussing the harsh realities. And the information must be communicated in ways people can understand.

Because this information isn't meant to be simply transferred once but in discussions with our fellow humans who should all understand the challenges ahead related to our rapidly changing climate. It's not "just the weather," unfortunately, and the context of what we're dealing with now and in the future should be known to all.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my fiance and son, and three-year old son Bruce. I have a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from South Dakota State University and a M.S. in Geosciences - Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Although I am well educated, as a scientist, employment is quite difficult to come by. I am a hard worker, but my previous jobs are usually short term and low paying. My fiance is disabled and like so many people, I have substantial student loans. It continues to be a great struggle to survive, month to month.

The median income here is $58,000 per year or $4,833/month. However, I live simply and if I can get to just $3,000/month on Patreon, I will be able to focus 100% of my working time on my educational efforts here, doing more research as well as interviews with journalists around the world, and more. All so I can reach more people with this vitally important information. I need about 560 more patrons at $5 per month. It's a big goal, but in terms of the number of people interested in this topic, it's very small. Can you help me get there?

I will be forever grateful if you can join my supporters, at any amount, and help me reach this goal. Supporters have access to a free, monthly Q & A session on these issues. 

I am dedicated to staying current with these fast unfolding developments and communicating them to all who are interested in what I see as the most important event ever in human history.

--Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

The Science of Abrupt Climate Change Series

1. Earth System Non-Linearity
2. Accelerators of Change
3. The Super Exponential
4. The Wrath of Heat
5. What Does Abrupt Climate Change Actually Do to the Weather?
6. Understanding the Baselines and Arctic Abrupt Climate Change
7. The Conversation No One Knows How to Have
8. Exponential Growth in Impacts from Abrupt Climate Change
9. We Cannot Stop Exponential Climate Change
10. Methane Monster: The Latest on the Threat for Abrupt Methane Release from the East Siberian Sea
11. The Danger of Apparent Wet-Bulb Temperatures
12. Understanding the Future of Global Heating
13. Abrupt Climate Change and Extreme Conditions
14. Abrupt Climate Change and Tropical Cyclones

Updated Pages:

State of the Cryosphere (updated daily)
Notable Extreme Heat Records 2018-Present

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Black Bear News: May 20, 2019 Reading of "The Most Important Event On The Planet Right Now" - August 3, 2019
Environmental Coffee House: See the YouTube Channel for more.  
Extinction Radio Interviews (Episodes 83, 90, 96; February, July, December 2018)

"The Surprising Heat Wave In Countries Where It's Cold" by Francesco Rodella. El País. In Spanish. 7/18/2018. Here

“This Meteorologist Explains Why The Extreme Heat Is Way Worse Than You Think” by Dan Spinelli. Mother Jones. Interview. 7/6/2018. Here

BBC World News Television. Live Interview. 0500 GMT. 7/8/2018.

“Red-Hot Planet: All-Time Heat Records Have Been Set All Around the World During the Past Week” by Jason Samenow. Capital Weather Gang, Washington Post. 7/5/2018. Here

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