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This is the only tier! Think of it like a tip jar and your way of supporting me or saying thanks you like my stuff. If you want to support me or my YouTube channel feel free to jump in and you will get access to everything my Patreon has to offer such as early access to videos (if possible, sometimes it comes right down to the wire), recognition on my videos (give me a heads up if you want your real name displayed), Discord Patreon Role (whatever that is) and most importantly ill be hosting a google hangout on air once a month and its a chance for us to hang out there. Thank you for your consideration and don't worry if you choose not to pledge. Just watch my stuff and hang out that is more then enough for me.
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About MichaelBtheGameGenie

Thank you for taking the time to check out the MichaelBtheGameGenie pareon page, whether you decide to pledge to me or not. And thank you for your continued support in watching and sharing my work!

By becoming my patron, you can have a direct impact on not just the quality of my videos but also which future videos I produce! Your support here helps keep me going, and also makes it easier for me to connect better with you!

Who is MichaelBtheGameGenie?
Well, check out the video trailer above. That is me in a nutshell (remove obvious pantomime joke). I have been playing and collecting games since I was 7 years old and I am so thankful that youtube has given me a medium to share my passion with all of you. Every second week I try to post a video that is either a review on a game I love and feel has been overlooked, Video Game Nostalgia which is looking back on a gaming topic from my childhood and reviewing a few games that fit that criteria or a retrospective Top 10 list.  I try to put out the highest quality videos I can and I'm always looking for ways to make them even better. There is always something new to learn.

I love making these videos on youtube and wish that I had the time to do something every/day week but this is primarily a hobby for me and I have a demanding full time job, Wife with an even more demanding career and we have a beautiful 6 month old baby girl who has taken most of our time and attention. I have a hard time justifying to my wife the time and effort I put into making videos let alone the expenses to improve the quality of that content and this is where pareon comes in.

So why have I finally decided to add a Patreon Account?

Well it's not to get rich and famous that's for sure! But the first thing you need to know is that I'm not going to put videos behind a paywall. I am thankful enough that anyone would want to watch my videos and share my passion for gaming and by no means arrogant enough to feel I deserve anything for making these videos. You can still watch them for free on Youtube. By donating you're basically helping me out and it is 100% optional. I don't really make anything from my youtube ad revenue so this is basically a passion project/ hobby for me. If there was some revenue coming in from the channel, I could justify to my wife the time, effort and expense that is going in to it. So basically by becoming a Patron you're helping me out and you can cancel or change your donation amount at any time. Only become a Patron if you truly feel comfortable with it and want to support my videos in this way!

OK, but what is the real reason?

Well, I have spent so much money on setting myself up to make youtube videos....Computers, Cameras, Lighting, Green Screen, Sound Equipment, Editing Software, Capture Equipment and the list goes on and on and that doesn't even take into account the time and effort involved. I am at a point in my life where I have other responsibilities such as my wife being home, we bought a house, had a beautiful baby girl and then had to evict our tenant from the apartment in our house. I'm not asking for pity but an understanding that I no longer have the flexibility I used to either financially or with my time. Now when something breaks or I need to update/ replace something I do not have the expendable income to do this on my own and if there was some support from you guys, I would have an easier time keeping the show running and justifying to my wife the time I am putting into it. Maybe one day the channel will grow to the point where I get enough ad revenue to do so and I wont need to look for support from other avenues....here's hoping.

So what do I get if I pledge?
THANK YOU! I would be so happy if anyone was even willing to donate $1...I am amazed sometimes that so many people have watched me over the years. With your support I am hoping to get my channel to the point where I am constantly pumping out good and concise content for you on a weekly basis. Hopefully you would be satisfied with taking part in helping me get my content out for all to enjoy.

Last but not least, don't feel any pressure to donate anything, only do this if you want to and can. I would be heartbroken to take money from someone who doesn't really have it to give. Just know that your consideration is more than enough and if you can't financially assist me in any way, there are other ways such as doing as little as watching and enjoying my stuff to sharing my videos and helping me get exposure. I appreciate everything you guys have ever done for me and looking forward to continuing to entertain you in any way I can.

$12.71 of $100 per month
Keep the channel going, better yet keep me on track. I have a history of letting other things get in the way of keeping a regular schedule. If this goal is met I will commit to:
Game & Watch Livestream
Bi Weekly:
Every Second Sunday
Posting a Game Genie Review or Video Game Nostalgia Video
Posting a MichaelB Direct Channel Update Video
Playing with Power Podcast
Google Handout on Air with My Patreons

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