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The whole thing. Access to the short stories as and when they get done. Available in epub format and mobi or whatever it is Amazon have changed their format to, I should google it really. If there's a format you want that I'm not doing just shout me and I'll do my best to add it.



About Michael J Dolan

Hello, I'm Michael J Dolan, the unsuccessful stand up comedian and writer. You may recognise me from knowing me personally and almost nowhere else. In 2016 I wrote a dumb, gross, short horror story about a sad talk show host and a racist presidential candidate for a book of stories which, for a bunch of reasons, never materialised. It was fun and I was proud of the story and eventually I published it myself. I want to do more, I have one in the barrel right now that I'm editing and polishing and I've got preliminary work done on a couple of others but I work very slowly, as evidenced by the four year gap between my last one and my new one.

I like self publishing. The prestige we attach to 'proper' publishers is steeped in bullshit, reinforces entrenched class hierarchies, and props up corrupt systems. I'm also aware that inserting myself into those systems puts another middle class white man into a position that would be better served going to literally anybody else. I also hate Amazon. Fuck Jeff Bezos and fuck Kindle, I'd much prefer to just give you the shit direct. So here we are.

There is only one tier, it's two dollars. Apparently I'm not currently allowed to use British Pounds, who fucking knows why, it's about £1.60. Every time I finish a new story I'll charge you TWO BUCKS and send the horror to you in a variety of DRM free formats. At the current rate that'll be once every four years. Hopefully I'll pick that pace up but I promise you're not going to be charged every month, there's no chance. It only charges per story so if I don't write anything you don't pay anything and that is a very real possibility. 

The first one is free as soon as I figure out how to put it up. It's called The Taint and its relevance may have diminished in the last four years but I still think some of the jokes are alright. The new one is out any minute now, I'm doing it, oh my god.

Thanks pals, see you again sometime between now and 2024.
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