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About Michael Lee

My name is Michael Lee,

I'm an award winning poet and performer. While I make part of my living as a writer, the majority of my income comes in my 9-5 as a youth worker. If you're a teacher, social worker or any other kind of youth worker you know that the 9-5 of youth work is more like 9-7, and deeply taxing. This has made it difficult to give my full emotional self to my work. 

Right now, I only write poetry or essays when I can, update my facebook with social commentary, short critiques of other writing or current happenings in the world when I have the extra energy-these days that's rare.

This August my first book "The Only Worlds We Know" will be published by Button Poetry. I've spent the last 8 years working on this collection, and am so excited to begin touring with this work. My initial plan when I began my patreon was to release regular content, but I found that that undermined my ability to create new content given my intense work schedule as a youth worker. 

My hope, with this book and your support, that this year I can pivot into a full time life of writing and performing and sharing new and regular content with you all. Full transparency, over the next 9 months I do not plan to regularly release videos of me reading new work, but will at some point begin to release videos of the poems in the book. My hope is you all will continue to support knowing that while your generous support is not providing you regular content that I am regularly writing. Indeed, while I haven't posted in some time, the monthly support has allowed me to give added focus to my writing these past two years. It has been within these past two years that the best work in the book has been created.

I hope you'll stick around, I will continue to write my ass off (and back on), and plan to, within the next year, get to a place where I have the capacity to:

1. post monthly videos of me reading new poems stories or novel excerpts in various stages to my youtube channel

2. write a monthly critical essay on current events surrounding, most often, race, gender, class, sexuality, art, education and their many intersections. Here is an example, I hope to do more of this work with greater care, intention and frequency:


3. And of course, just write more in general and, as my first book blossoms into the world, work to complete a 2nd book (ideally in much less than 8 years, and with the support this is possible).

Thank you all for the love and support, I am so grateful to be on this journey with you, to know there are people willing to put money behind my craft, my visions, my stories, 



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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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